The Super Eagles, José Paseiro And The Job

The Super Eagles, José Paseiro And The Job
The Super Eagles, José Paseiro And The Job



Ezindu, Okay-Lawrence 

"... diligence is a man's precious possession..." -The Book of Proverbs*

Till recently, there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding the seat and office of the Head coach and manager of the Nigerian apex male national team. In past weeks, there were many pieces of breaking news and information, said to be from reliable sources, suggesting different names and personalities for the football house to appoint as the manager of the most expensive team in Africa.

The Super Eagles, going by the assembly of stars available in their camp are officially the most valuable national men's team in the whole of Africa at the moment. With a roster that boasts the likes of Ballon d'Or nominee Victor Osimhen of Napoli, Gift Orban, Boniface, and many other invited luminaries, my anguished question remains: why can't these eagles fly at their best altitude? A complete, exhaustive answer beats my knowledge and understanding. Nonetheless, I can say a fundamental reason is the Coach/Manager.

I think the present manager of the Super Eagles is not of the standard required for the post. In his tenure, the Eagles rarely sparkle, barely play and scarcely entertain their fans.

I believe both Jose Paseiro and the Coach of Super Falcons at the just concluded FIFA Female World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, which was won by Spain, are not good enough for our caliber and standard. While I stand to be corrected, I believe we deserve better and are at a higher level than the coaches appointed at the moment.

Presently in the world of football, which top coach and manager would rather take a pay cut to remain in the team than move to the demands of the market? Truly elite coaches and technically knowledgeable gaffers are naturally spoiled for choice as they are always in short supply.
The case of Jose Paseiro taking a massive pay cut to remain in the dugout for the Super Eagles of Nigeria leaves me with doubts about his credentials and standards.

Would a Pep Guadiola or a Mikel Arteta, Thomas Tuchel and or Eric Ten Haag take a pay cut considering the results they can guarantee and their resulting demand in the market?

I would like to believe that those helming the football house are not actually understanding what is required to be regarded as a world power in football, and no wonder even the club sides in Nigeria are abysmal in their performances at the African continental stage. Ignorance is more forgivable than intentional sabotage.

The Super Eagles coach is supposed to be the Coach of Coaches in Nigeria, so why then do we continue to employ one whose profile and records our indigenous coaches available on ground can favorably compete with?

We deserve better. The current series of results and actions of Jose Paseiro, including accepting the pay cut and remaining with Nigeria instead of going out there and making himself available for a pay raise and higher employment opportunities, makes me wonder if he's actually fit and able to manage the level at which Super Eagles ought to be at the moment.

I am bemused and wonder why the Super Eagles would entertain a substandard manager when we are aspiring to take on and become the best of the world. Many years ago, the late great Pele of Brazil predicted that if any african team will be able to compete at a world cup finals, it would be Nigeria, but I don't believe it will be with a pedigree of gaffers like Paseiro and/or his assistants.

I desire a time when Nigeria will actually take her rightful place in the committee of nations as a football giant and do properly what is expected of it as a giant football nation.

It will interest me to know what the NFF considered to have renewed the appointment of Paseiro as the head coach of the senior national team. If he failed to qualify us for the World Cup at home against Ghana, then I do not think that Jose Paseiro has what it takes to lead the Super Eagles of Nigeria to our "Promised land of football", and to surpass those valiant legends that came before.

I do hope that the decision to retain Jose Paseiro was not purely self-serving, and a way to make some illicit gains for those who are in charge.



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