Sometimes in my quiet moments, I wonder what is extraordinary in the round leather object that engages people running after it to gain possession. Really I don't know.

Eleven men or women against another eleven men or women running to gain possession of the round leather and to put the ball into the net of the opponent. Please, it is not about eleven human beings against another eleven. The two teams have their reserve bench also contributing in one way or the other. The Gaffer is not forgotten with members of the Technical Crew and other backroom staff playing their roles. I cannot forget the Chief Justice of the game, the Centre Referee. His panel of Judges, that is, the Assistant Referees 1, 2, reserve Referee and the Video Assistant Referees (VAR). The Chief Administrator of the game, Match Commissioner cannot be left out.

You cannot forget the organizers of the game. They made it possible. The Media plays a very formidable role in bringing the game to football fans wherever they may be. The organized supporters clubs and my dear people (SPECTATORS) bring the beauty into the game. Can you imagine the overwhelming supportership of the Ivorian fans with their colour that turned the Houphouet Boigny Stadium to orange colour? If the huge population of Nigerians globally were glued to their television sets and other broadcast outlets, I wonder what the viewership of the last African Cup of Nations in Cote d'Ivoire will be. This is the Power of Football.
The Prize for winning AFCON went up to Seven Million Dollars ($7million). The runners up and even qualification at every level attracted stipulated prizes. Sponsorship of the just concluded AFCON is commendable. 
Political and economic leaders of Nations were in attendance. President Alhassane Quattara of Cote d'Ivoire was in attendance. Nigeria's Vice President Kashim Shetimma represented President Ahmed Bola Tinubu. FIFA President, Gianni Infantino was there also. Legends of the game were also in attendance. Didier Drogba, Kanu Nwankwo, Emmanuel Adebayor, Mathematical Segun Odegbami and many more witnessed the African Cup of Nations. How is this round leather able to attract all these personalities together?

Still thinking about the round leather game, I concluded that Football is an embodiment of power. It has the capacity to move all strong men and women, institutions, governments and every segment of society globally. Bidding to host competitions at whatever level is competitive. Nations compete, multinational corporations jostle and hustle for sponsorships and partnerships, television rights are vigorously pursued, domestic entrepreneurs and big business concerns of contending host Nations are engulfed in anxiety and waiting for their Nation to win the hosting right. This is part of the power of Football. 
The actors, players, Coaches and others make the headlines. Transfers are being made. Mouth watering offers are dangled at players to entice them to Clubs. Goals are being recorded during football competitions. Betting and gambling companies are busy doing business facilitated by football. Youths are empowered economically, the society is entertained, peace is brokered using football as the instrument. There are many other things that leverage on Football to be achieved. Let me pause here and address some specifics as they relate to the power of Football in Nigeria.

Don't envy the occupant of Football office in Nigeria. The office has a hot seat. You have no reason to complain or even defend yourself. The onlookers expect miracle from the occupant of the seat. Some onlookers assume so much that they give the impression that they have solution to all football activities and problems. Some of them, with proper scrutiny cannot even manage themselves. The football office is very powerful. Some point in time, the office has the semblance of President of the Country. It is not an office for the weak. You must be strong to occupy the seat. You must be competent. You must be versatile. The office confer on the occupant the status of a global citizen. During the African Cup of Nations (AFCON), Ibrahim Musa Gusau, President, Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) led Vice President, Kashim Shettima to the podium during the presentation ceremony at the final of the competition. 
There was display of the power of Football in the just concluded AFCON in Cote d'Ivoire. The President of Cote d'Ivoire was present to cheer the Elephants to victory. The Vice President of Nigeria was also there to see the Super Eagles lift the AFCON. Leaders of the two Nations in the final looking for the victory to promote National unity, peace and progress, among other things. The reception granted the two teams by their governments is an attestation to the importance they attach to the Football victory. The Power of Football.

I cannot successfully and adequately discuss on this topic. However, I believe I have scratched beyond the surface. I guess you understand what I am driving at. If you don't know, please know now that the power in the round leather game called Football has the capacity to turn around the Political, Economic, Social Integration, Peace, Unity, Stability, Progress and Development of any Nation.
How well is the Managers of the game using the potentials and power in Football to add value to the Political, Economic and Social landscape of Nigeria? It is a question that need answers.
Therefore, let the Football Leaders arise and do the needful. 
I am only discussing Powerful, Powerful Football.


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