Edo PDP Chieftain Blasts Edo Deputy Governor

Edo PDP  Chieftain Blasts Edo Deputy Governor
Edo PDP Chieftain Blasts Edo Deputy Governor


 Julius Young, a prominent People's Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain from Edo North, strongly condemns the recent statement made by Deputy Governor Phillip Shuaibu, wherein he claimed to recognize only two other aspirants apart from himself in an election that features multiple contenders. Young advises Mr. Shuaibu to learn the value of standing alone and refrain from seeking collaborators.
He said,
" So far nobody has bought a form to contest and until they do that, they can not even be described as aspirants so this collaboration of evil against the PDP in Edo must stop."

In a democratic political landscape he adds, it is crucial for leaders to demonstrate individuality and reliance upon their own merits. It is with great concern that Julius Young, in his capacity as a dedicated member of the PDP, voices his disapproval of Mr. Shuaibu's statement and calls for a more independent and principled approach to governance.

A notable aspirant he believes who deserves recognition and support from the people of Edo North is Osaro ONAIWU. Rooted in the traditions of Edo by birth and marriage, Mr. ONAIWU exemplifies qualities of loyalty, humility, and unwavering focus. His selfless service to prominent Edo individuals in the past is a testament to his character and his commitment to public welfare.

Looking ahead to the 2024 Gubernatorial Elections in Edo State, Julius Young stresses the crucial importance of party unity. It is incumbent upon the PDP to prioritize and cultivate collaboration within its ranks, ensuring that all members work towards the shared goal of retaining the Governorship seat. By rallying behind the chosen flag bearer and extending wholehearted support, the PDP can present a formidable front, greatly increasing their chances of victory.

The PDP values diversity of opinion and the contributions of its members. Nevertheless, unity is imperative in securing victory for the party and, most importantly, bringing positive change to the people of Edo State. Julius Young urges Deputy Governor Shuaibu to reconsider his stance and embrace the principles of individuality and party unity.

In conclusion, Julius Young reaffirms his commitment to the PDP and the advancement of Edo State. He calls for deserving aspirants, such as Osaro ONAIWU, who encapsulates the values and aspirations of the people. Young highlights the importance of unity within the party and urges Deputy Governor Shuaibu to reassess his position, understanding the significance of standing alone and championing one's own strengths.

" That Edo north will support Earl osaro onaiwu during  the guber primaries in February 2024."
He concluded

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