I Formed Ochomma FC As A Veritable Platform For Young Players To Horn Their Talents, Make It Big In Europe And Earn A Better Living ------------Uzochukwu Nnadi

I Formed Ochomma FC As A Veritable Platform For Young Players To Horn Their Talents, Make It Big In Europe And Earn A Better Living ------------Uzochukwu Nnadi
I Formed Ochomma FC As A Veritable Platform For Young Players To Horn Their Talents, Make It Big In Europe And Earn A Better Living ------------Uzochukwu Nnadi


By Sab Osuji

Uzochukwu Calistus Nnadi, has exclusively revealed reasons he formed Ochomma FC and has continued to sink his hard earned funds into it despite huge discouragement by his family and friends.

Ochomma FC was formed two years ago and they have been a regular feature in the Anambra State FA Cup competitions as well as other scouting programmes.

Nnadi spoke on the sidelines of the one-day Talent Hunt at Rojenny Stadium, Oba, near Onitsha, which was organised by renowned FIFA Licensed Players Intermediary, Barrister Churchill Oliseh, on Sunday, 10 October, 2023.

Despite an injury blighted career, Nnadi, who played amateur football in Morocco and Ghana, told Exclusivenews.com.ng that he wants youths to use Ochomma FC as a veritable platform to horn their careers with a view to making a decent living through football by playing in Europe and the Nigeria National Teams.

He revealed that his family and friends discourage him from investing in football, saying he's just wasting his time and money.

He also informed that his family and friend insist that he should move to Lagos or Abuja if he really wants to continue with football business, describing football in Anambra State as 'absolutely rubbish'.

"My motivation or inspiration in forming Ochomma FC is the fact that I love football and I'm very passionate about it", the young club boss began when Exclusivenews.com.ng spoke to him at Rojenny Tourist/Games Village, Oba, near Onitsha, on Sunday.

"I want football to take me to higher places. So, the reason I formed Ochomma FC is because I want the younger players to use the club as a platform to make it big in football.

"They can use the club to develop their talents and get opportunity to play in Europe, play for the National Team and make a better life for themselves and their families.

"You know the present economic situation in the country. So I want to play a positive role in enhancing their their careers so they can become useful to themselves, the state and nation in general".

Ochomma FC, he disclosed to Exclusivenews.com.ng, was formed two years ago after he stopped active football as a result of undisclosed injury setback.

"I was once a footballer. I played in Morocco and Ghana, though at amateur level before an injury that forced me out of the game.

"Since Ochomma FC was formed, we've been featuring in the Anambra State FA Cup. That's the biggest stage we've participated in. We've also been featuring in various Scouting Programmes.

"Presently, we'll be taking part in a competition called Uche Temmy Football Championship", Nnadi explained, just as he revealed that it hasn't been easy running the club solely from his pocket, without any support or sponsor.

"You know, it's not easy to run a football club in Nigeria", he pointed out.

"Realistically, it hasn't been easy at all for us because of the huge financial involvement. But I must say that we're trying our best, being a one-man project.

"I'm the only one doing that, I mean, the sole financier without any support from anywhere or sponsor. But despite that, I strongly believe that we'll attain greater height; the sky will be our limit".

The club boss disclosed that though none of his youngsters has made it to Europe so far, he was proud that within just two years of their existence, some of his products have started attracting attention of big clubs on the domestic scene.

"So far, none of our players has moved to Europe. But some of them are already making moves to big clubs in the country. Chinaza Chukwuagozie featured for Sporting Lagos last term. Now, he's moved to Warri Wolves. As we speak, two of our players moved to Dakada FC on Saturday and we are optimistic they would be signed".

Nnadi further informed that his friends and family are pulling the pressure strings on him, discouraging him from investing in his passion. He said they view his investment in football sponsorship as 'waste of money'.

"My family and friends have been telling me that I'm just wasting my time and money  on football sponsorship", Nnadi disclosed.

"They keep telling me that if I want to do football business that I should move to Lagos or Abuja. They insist that football in Anambra State is 'absolutely rubbish'.

"They insist that doing football business here in the state won yield any good dividend or take me to anywhere and that I'm just wasting my money and time.

"They don't know football in the state has changed for the better since the new leadership of 'General' Chikelue Iloenyosi came on board.

"Personally, I know what football is, and I believe that this team can take me to many places. I also believe that I will hit it big someday. Things will be fine, so I'm not really discouraged at all. Nobody can discourage me. I played football, even outside the country, eventhough it was at amateur level but I remain positive that the good days will come", the Ochomma FC boss concluded.

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