Angela Okorie Drags Mercy Johnson

Angela Okorie Drags Mercy Johnson
Angela Okorie Drags Mercy Johnson

Angela Okorie and Mercy Johnson may be the next celebrity clash on social media following the wave that was Wizkid on Davido debacle in the week.

In a recent Instagram post, Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has sparked controversy by calling out fellow actress Mercy Johnson, accusing her of hindering the progress of their colleagues in the industry.

Okorie, who claims to be combating various forms of evil, urged her followers to join her and other industry members in prayer. She alleged that certain individuals, including Mercy Johnson and her late mother, have been responsible for obstructing the futures of numerous people within Nollywood.

During an Instagram live stream later in the day, Okorie pledged to reveal secrets and bring someone forward to shed light on the situation.

In her statement, Angela Okorie expressed her frustration, declaring,

“Time is up for the killings! Time is up for the blood-sucking demons! Time is up for evil-doers in Nollywood!”

She further questioned why Mercy Johnson seemed to be transforming into a goat instead of a snake, metaphorically referencing her alleged actions.

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