African Coaches Connect Convention Holds In Abidjan, 17-21 January 2024

African Coaches Connect Convention Holds In Abidjan, 17-21 January 2024
African Coaches Connect Convention Holds In Abidjan, 17-21 January 2024


The inaugural convention of the African Coaches Connect (ACC) will hold in Abidjan, Cote d' Ivore from 17 to 21 January 2024.

This according to the President of  the organization, Eldred Sunju-Abbey  will mark the beginning of a positive dawn for African Football Coaches particularly and African Football in general. 

He said the Organization is poised to convene African Coaches, Managers, Footballers, Administrators, Agents, Sports Doctors and Scientists, Merchants and Exhibitors, Lovers and Followers of African Football, Captains of industries in Cote D’Ivore.

Sunju said participants will converge in Abidjan from Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Ghana, South Africa, Morocco, Botswana, Eygpt among others also  African continent and beyond for the first ever international football convention of The African Coaches Connect tagged *ACConvention Abidjan 24’* .

"It will be from  17th to 21st  January,2024. Interestingly, the convention will hold alongside the CAF Total 2023 Africa Cup of Nations scheduled  for January 13 to February 11, 2024 in the West African country.

 African Coaches Connect's (ACC) Executive Director Hosting and General Coordinator in Cote D’Ivore,  Taofik Malik ''Magic'',  in a chat with newsmen explained that African Coaches Connect (ACC) is a group formed with the primary objective of meeting the diverse professional, welfare, development, improvement and related needs of African football coaches worldwide. 

The former Nigerian international stated that ACC has presence and members across the different regions of the continent, Europe, North America and all other places where African coaches are found.

Taofik Molik elaborated that  the body  facilitates and organizes wellness programs, workshops, medical/life insurance schemes, leasing schemes, investment/loan facilities, courses, training, networks, seminars, job offers and everything related to coaches and football,” 

The former Africa Sports player. Taofik Malik would like to strongly  clarify  that the organization has not come to compete with or swallow up existing associations or organizations but to collaborate and be the support structure to Coaches'  and all allied stakeholders, bodies, associations and organizations. 

Speaking in the same vein the ACC Founder and President, Coach Eldred Sunju-Abbey, said, “ACC is an all comers home, the home of all African Coaches,  and errand tool to bring something more to football and the well-being of football technicians”. 

He joined his voice with that of Taofik Molik  to plead  with the Ivorian authorities, the Ivorian football federation, former players and coaches of Cote D’ Ivore and the entire African Football Community including the corporate supporters of African Football development to support the effort and initiative of ACC and make the forthcoming international convention, first of it's kind, a true African project.

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  • Coach Adebayo Tajudeen
    Africa coaches connect is an exceptional body that brings coaches from different works of life into one umbrella.
  • Coach Caleb Esu
    Good for African Coaches worldwide.

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