Things Ladies Do To Hurt Men

Things Ladies Do To Hurt Men
Things Ladies Do To Hurt Men

While some women may unintentionally do things that hurt their men, others plan to do so deliberately. They set out to hurt your feelings and disrupt your life. Here are 10 intentional things women do to hurt their men.

Not initiating intimacy

Intentionally avoiding initiating intimacy, especially when aware of their partner’s desires, can be a way to control the emotional dynamics in the relationship.

Hiding something like food

Hiding things, such as food, can be a manipulative tactic used to gain financial advantage.

By creating a situation where the man believes there is scarcity, some women may attempt to extract more money from him.

Leaving a young child behind

In moments of intense disagreement, some women may leave a very young child, perhaps a month or two old, with their partner.

This act aims to assert control or inflict emotional pain, suggesting that the man needs her more than he thinks

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