Odogwu In Box 18 : NPFL Club Owners And Throwing The Theories Of Branding To The Dogs

Odogwu In Box 18 : NPFL Club Owners And Throwing The Theories Of Branding To The Dogs
Odogwu In Box 18 : NPFL Club Owners And Throwing The Theories Of Branding To The Dogs


In a recent meeting held in Abuja, there were visual evidences of some Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) Club Chairmen and Managers captured wearing foreign clubs jersey. 

This may not be the first time, neither will it be the last. This shows the level of commitment that these NPFL Managers have for the clubs they are administering, and how they understands the theory of branding and it's benefits to their clubs, which in this case is their product. 

Maybe, we need to explore the various meaning of branding and its benefits, so that these Managers would know the dangers they are causing to the league. 

Branding, if they would want to know is the process of creating a distinct identity for a business in the mind of a targeted audience. At the the most basic level, branding is made up of a company's name and logo, visual design, mission, and tone of voice. But  brand identity can be determined by the quality of the products which is in this case, the fans, and customer service. 

With branding of a football club, the club makes itself known to the public and differentiates itself from competitors. How will a Manager who is busy marketing other club, make an impact in the over saturated football business environment. 

Branding typically includes a phrase, design or idea that makes it easily identifiable to the public.

Branding Helps Build a Strong Company Identity, helps distinguish One's Products from the Competitors, makes it easy to promote One's Products, ensures Staying in Power, and 
 Builds Customer Loyalty. 

Branding is Important to Name Recall. ...
Branding Makes Diversification Easy.

Branding your club gives it  identity. It gives your fans something to relate to and connect with beyond the product.

Branding is a strategic process involving creating an authentic and distinctive product, service, or company identity. It includes various elements like brand identity, brand strategy, brand promise, brand guidelines, and brand management.

No matter the affinity, you can hardly see a foreign manager wearing or branding the other clubs colur.

But here in Nigeria, Football managers take joy in branding the product of others, while allowing the one handed over to them to suffer.

 Do you blame them, when a former boss of the Federation will prefer to fly to Europe to watch his assumed "childhood club" than to watch his National team play. He is always proud to identify with the club, than the national team. But, he expended money generated by the National team to watch the foreign club. SHAME!! 

Do I blame the club managers that positively project the image of the  other clubs. Do they realized what "branding" is all about. When they are always entitled to free money. They receive subventions from their State Government On monthly basis. Why would they not advertise other foreign clubs that are made, forgetting their own that are in their teething periods. Funny enough, some of the so called Club Owners who does not understand what it takes to own a club, does not even have a single replica copy of their jerseys in their kitty. But, they are always proud to flaunt the colours of other foreign clubs. Some of them can not negotiate a complete favorable kitting deal for their clubs. How many of our NPFL Clubs can boast of replica copies of their clubs in any sport shop. But, they can invest much to acquire the colours of other foreign clubs, thereby boosting their finances. 

This same people will be bold to blame their fans and supporters for abandoning their matches to watch the foreign Leagues.  We will continue to witness this high level of irresponsibility by our club managers until such a time when the NFF and League Managers decide to do the right thing. 

Yes, they know the right things to do, as embedded in the books setting up the league body. Club Managers should be democratically elected, with people who are passionate about the game of football and its business angle. They should be those that are committed to the development of the game. Not the present "paddy, paddy" syndrome that is been practiced now in the clubs. Clubs should be able to fed for themselves, and that will be the only way the club managers can appreciate what it takes to brand their clubs properly and make money for them.

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