Obingwa LGA Mayor Lead Others In Sanitation Exercise

Obingwa LGA Mayor Lead Others  In Sanitation Exercise
Obingwa LGA Mayor Lead Others In Sanitation Exercise

By Chuks Ogbu

Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness.  The above axiom best describes the action of the Mayor of Obingwa LGA Chief Eric Egwuibe, who took it upon himself to be present in the streets as his Council takes part in the monthly general cleanup exercise in the State.

The environmental friendly Mayor who has never hidden his resolve and desire to rebrand and sanitize  Obingwa LGA, took it upon himself to help in the cleaning up and inspection of the work done at excercise.

The Mayor Chief Egwuibe who shortly after the exercise while speaking to the media expressed his happiness at the level of compliance by the citizens and inhabitants of Obingwa, "I can see there is an improvement in the level of compliance in comparison with the previous one, but there is still a need to sensitive the masses more on the need for active participation in the sanitation exercise".

The Mayor enjoined all inhabitants of the area to ensure that the take part in sanitation exercise to improve the sanitary condition of their environment as it has been medical proven that dirty environment  increases the risk of contacting diseases. He also made it clear that the mobile court would be fully activated ahead of the next sanitation exercise.

The Mayor also urged the landlords of properties in the local government to ensure that their buildings sewage systems are properly channelled to prevent spilling in into the drainages and the streets.

The next general sanitation exercise in Abia will come up on the 24th of February 2024

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