Don't Swap Your Slot...NLO Warns

Don't Swap Your Slot...NLO Warns
Don't Swap Your Slot...NLO Warns


The leadership of Nigerian Nationwide League has warned clubs gaining promotion to the NNL not to sell or swap their slots.

In a circular from  the League secretariat to all the States Football Associations, and made available to Exclusivenews, the clubs were reminded  of the decisions by the Board of the NLO regarding the Nationwide League One via letter reference NNWL/LGWT/02/111 dated 28th June 2022, which placed embargo on selling/swapping of promoted slot to Nigeria National League.

The curcular signed by Tayo Egbayelo, the League Manager said " In view of the above we kindly request all nationwide league one clubs to adhere strictly to the decisions contained in the letter as sanctioned in the 2023 NLO Annual General Meeting held in
March 2023".

"We also urge all state football associations and FCT to assist the NLO board in ensuring that all clubs comply with these directives"

"It is only through collective effort that we can make sure that the NLO League runs smoothly and successfully with world best practices".

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