Afrobeats Under Fire: Bella Shmurda Defends the Genre

Afrobeats Under Fire: Bella Shmurda Defends the Genre
Afrobeats Under Fire: Bella Shmurda Defends the Genre


Nigerian music star Bella Shmurda has spoken out against the disrespect shown towards Afrobeats by some of the genre's biggest names.

This comes after Wizkid, following a similar comment from Burna Boy, distanced himself from the Afrobeats label on social media. Shmurda expressed his frustration in a recent interview, highlighting the importance of Afrobeats as a source of joy amidst challenges in his home country.

"We can't disrespect Afrobeats," Shmurda declared. "This is what brings us happiness. It shouldn't be put down, no matter how famous you are."

The cashapp crooner also criticized established artists who badmouth Afrobeats while neglecting to support local award shows like The Headies and AFRIMA. He pointed out the hypocrisy of these artists claiming to represent Africa internationally while skipping out on opportunities to celebrate African music at home.

"They don't show up for our awards," Shmurda said, "but then they act like they're representing Africa at the Grammys. Support comes from home first. Those shoutouts? Keep them. They're not for Africa, they're for you."

Shmurda went on to address the argument that artists simply want to avoid being pigeonholed by the Afrobeats label. He believes Nigerian artists should prioritize awards that celebrate their music's roots, even if they explore other genres.

"Let's champion our own awards first," Shmurda urged. "If we show them respect, these international awards will have to follow suit."

Shmurda concluded by expressing his disappointment that some Afrobeats leaders seem more concerned with external validation than with fostering the genre.

"Those at the top should be lifting Afrobeats up, not looking for approval elsewhere," he stated.

Shmurda's passionate defense of Afrobeats highlights the growing concern within the industry about the genre's belittlement. His voice adds a powerful perspective to the ongoing discussion about preserving the integrity and value of Afrobeats.

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