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Minister Hails Saidi Balogun on Online Movie Premier, Says it’s a Youth Instructional

Minister of Youth and Sports Development Mr Sunday Dare has expressed his delight on the premiere of Saidi Balogun’s new movie ‘Online”

The Minister stated that the movie highlights the possible dangers that come with the virtual world and insights into how families can navigate these dangers.

He reiterated that:
The Internet has come with its immense benefits but young people must have their whits about them in order to be one step ahead of the perils that may accompany the opportunities offers ‘

Saidi has accomplished what many more Nigerian entertainers should aim for and that is using creative arts to educate our youth on modern trends and dangers of a digital world.

The Nollywood industry is ranked as the second largest film producer in the world, the industry has made great strides in keeping our culture alive and enabling it to transcend generations as well as put Nigerian talent on global screens.
The Industry according to PWC is a significant part of the Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Sector which contributed 2.3% (NGN239biliion) to Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2016. It is one of the priority sectors identified in the Economic Recovery and Growth plan of the Federal Government of Nigeria with a planned $1billion export revenue by 2020.

The industry is an integral part of Nigeria’s social and economic development process for the well-being and quality of life of all Nigerians and must continue to be identified as such.

The Minister commended Saidi for his personal contributions to this industry over time and the ability to encapture today’s relevant issues in a language which the young people understand.

The movie ‘online’ is a phycological thriller of an online predator whose mental state is debatable in this intriguing, suspense-filled movie. It throws light on the perceptive nature of a vital part of some of the things that happen on the internet.

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