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Fathers Donate Borehole to ECWA in Abuja

By Albert Akota

The fathers of the Evangelical Church of Winning All (ECWA) at Mpape in Abuja donated borehole with tanks and it facilities to the church during Father’s day celebrations.

Commissioning the productive borehole yesterday, Chairman of the FCT Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Rev. Dr. Samson Jonah thanked God for protection as well using ECWA’s fathers to praised his name on the project,

He commended the contributors and asked God for reward, guardian upon them and called upon Almighty to showers his blessings, wisdom in their life endeavour.

According to him, “they will never lack, they will never short of taste or supports, through this borehole many will give good testimonies, progress with continue to rain in your family,” he said.

While presenting the borehole documents to the church during the Sunday service, the committee chairman, Elder Umar, Bushara thanked God for the completion of the project as well providing for the contributors.

He implored the women of the church who’s pronounced good behaviour and caring to them by their husbands to reflect it to family’s activities to ensure good promotion of God’s work for the interest of the nation as well as mankind.

The environmentalist lauded the host Rev. Jacob, Issac for standing firm and fervent prayer during the project, commended the men for contributing despite financial difficulties and appreciated the committee members for working assiduously to ensure realization of the church’s project.

Rev. Jacob, Isaac appreciated the fathers for providing borehole to church, he urged them to work more on the men fellowship in order to create roost unity and harmony for the interest of all.

The highlight of the celebration were good message received from the CAN Chairman, presentation of items to windows, pastor, geologist, items to husband my wives and well wishers to commensurate the celebration.

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