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Zamfara Elections: The twist in Supreme Court Ruling


Dr Matthew Chima Amadi

The Supreme Court in a landmark judgement today affirmed INEC’s position that the APC didn’t conduct any primaries in Zamfara and hence, had no candidates.When I drew attention to the firmness of INEC in deciding to stand for truth, some who just want to talk for the sakes of it were having a wankfest on the TL talking gibberish.

Some of us know too much to come here joining issues with anyone but on the elections, at the right time , I will speak, and when I do, trust me, it will break the internet. But I digress! Let me remind us about Zamfara and how we got here for those who pretend that this was a simple and straightforward matter. NO! It wasn’t. This is the culmination of one man standing for justice and much as I hate to say it, President Buhari siding with truth.

INEC characteristically refused to join issues with him but pressed forward by removing candidates of the APC from the ballot. However, INEC knew that this matter was going to go all the way to the Supreme Court and was battle ready. It also made arrangements to foil any plans to get it to shift the elections in the state thereby giving any parties an undue advantage of time. It secretly printed two sets of ballots -one with APC on the ballot and the other without APC on the ballot.

The Chair then instructed the legal department to get their best lawyers to defend their position in court. The case first went to an Abuja Federal Hight court were INEC ‘s position was upheld. Next was the court of Appeal . Interestingly, the ruling which made INEC to put APC on the ballot was delivered by a Zamfara high court. But INEC continued with its appeal. Now, this is where it gets interesting . The APC Chairman deployed all kinds of pressure to get the INEC chair to put the APC on the ballot and to withdraw its stout Defence of Its actions in the courts. This is the point were a direct plea was made to the president to “intervene “. Yari and other Chieftains from the state visited the president but he refused to get involved or to put any pressures on the INEC. He indeed told them to buzz off.

For clarity: INEC initiated the action of taking out APC from the ballot. It withstood untold pressure including verbal attacks from Adams Oshiomhole to rescind its decision. It vigorously defended its position in the courts. Now, some have gone to town suggesting that the decision of the INEC to deliberate over the Supreme Court ruling is an attempt to “rob” the PDP of victory. Nonsense.

The Supreme Court ruling today affects 35 constituencies. 7 federal seats, 25 State assembly seats and the governorship seat. All these have to be considered One after the other. In fact, my sources tell me that the INEC will present certificates on Monday immediately it determines the winners. As per the governorship seat, the Supreme Court ruling is very clear and unambiguous.The maths is even simpler. My brother Abdul Mahmud has done the Arithmetic for us.

The votes of the APC are “wasted” votes. What INEC will be considering is ‘live’ votes. The votes in play is just slightly over 200,000 out of which the PDP already has about 189,000 of those. The remaining matter is to find out the spread in 9 out of 14 LGAs and a new Gov is made. It is game over, Zamfara is now in the hands of PDP, thanks to the arrogance of the ruling party, the decision by the umpire to uphold the truth and the courage of the Supreme Court Justices to agree with the Umpire.

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