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When To Start Having Sex After Child Birth

According to healthline both first-time and seasoned mothers find the weeks immediately following childbirth challenging.

For the first few weeks or months after giving birth, it’s quite normal for physical intimacy to take a backseat to other concerns. When you’ve had a C-section or a vaginal delivery, your body needs time to heal. It may be difficult to get back into a routine when your new baby requires all of your time and energy.

Here are some suggestions for getting back to your partner on a more intimate level after having birth that doesn’t entail spit up.

When is it safe to start dating after giving birth?

Many medical professionals recommend waiting four to six weeks before engaging in sexual activity again after giving birth, despite the fact that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) emphasizes that there is no defined time. During this time, your body is recovering from childbirth in whatever manner you chose.

An episiotomy or a healed vaginal or perineal tear are both possible outcomes of a vaginal birth. If this is the case, you may want to wait until after the four-week mark has passed before engaging in sexual activity.

If you had a cesarean section, you should still follow the same Intimacy guidelines after giving birth, but know that healing may be slower. Your doctor may recommend that you wait at least four weeks after surgery to get back to your regular Intimate life. Your doctor’s approval at your postpartum appointment is crucial since your incision needs time to heal.

It may take more than six weeks before you feel ready for intimate relationships again, as every woman is unique. There are, however, a few things to think about if you’d like to get back under the covers in a more timely fashion.

First, the first two weeks after giving birth are when complications are most likely to arise, whereas waiting longer helps your body to heal. You also need your doctor’s okay, and you should schedule that appointment for no more than three weeks after giving birth. They will want to make sure you are completely done bleeding after giving birth before they give you the okay to get intimate again.

As long as your doctor has given you the go light, you can resume sex whenever you feel comfortable doing

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