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When Correction of Grammar Hit The Wrong Chord …OORE NI’WÓN…Eniyan Soro!


I used to correct, in love, a friend’s often incorrect grammar on social media. To do this, I often call on phone or send a message to alert the incorrectness with a view to doing the needful; all in the name of being a brother’s keeper.

He used to acknowledge in feedbacks but the last I did was not acknowledged. I cared less and never suspected envy, though, I ought to because his non-acknowledgement wasn’t the norm. Nonetheless, I believed all was well.

About two days later, a typographical but very negligible error appeared in one of my posts. I meant ‘were’ but ‘we’re’ came on. Unsuspecting and after the usual due diligence, I posted on Facebook.

Pronto, he sent a message…with a very arrogant tone. As a Communicator, I could ‘hear’ the arrogance and ‘feel’ the weight of his joy at my presumed ‘downfall’…??…”At last!”… that kind of feeling…?.

Don’t forget his approach is a sharp contrast to mine so, I asked if he saw the arrogance with which he ‘ordered’ me to correct such a negligible typo error and see if it matches with how I do mine to his benefit- always done in love? No response came and worse still, this ‘amazing’ guy didn’t feel any need for remorse so I went on to tell him that I won’t effect the change since it’s customary for such negligible typo errors to happen unlike his that are not typo but essentially and constantly offend the elementary rules of grammar!

Infact, there is every possibility that readers won’t see it except those hurting like him…but hurting for what, I wonder? I even heard he described me as a hypocrite because I rejected his ill-motivated counsel wrapped in most evident ill-will, malice and hate. ??…someone I showed God’s love and bore no grudges with?!

I have therefore decided to learn to allow people ‘fully express’ themselves publicly. Henceforth, whatever grammar should be fine! Any nice attempt borne out of moral concern to help could be met with this kind of deep-seated bitterness or even worse more!

It’s my sincere belief that there ought not be a limit to helps; we should be ready to go out of our way for each other like the Biblical Good Samaritan as told us by Jesus but with these kinds of friends, it is only wise to impose limits or ‘CURFEWS’ (No thanks to the Covid 19 o!)

I used to wonder why, in 1983 and in the album, AMBITION, Ebenezer Obey repeatedly sang thus;


Now, I know much more than I thought I have always known…eniyan soro…OORE N’IWÓN!

Tosin Akande Thinking Aloud…TATA 194

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