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WEEKEND SERMON with Pastor Amos Praise

Prayer is a language of the heart only God can understand

One thing that makes prayer difficult for many is because while they should be pursuing a prayer life, they’re trying to create a prayer time.

If you want to grow in the place of prayer, if you want to pull strings in the place of prayer, if you want to command authority in the place of prayer, if you want to take the stamina of prayer power, your quest, your mindset cannot be prayer time.

When Jesus called us to the posture of Prayer. He didn’t call us to PRAYER TIME, He called us to a PRAYER LIFE.

You see that’s why He said ” Men ought always to pray and not to faint” Luke 18:1

Scripture also says “Pray without ceasing”.

You see, these ?beats down time.

This is why many people find it difficult to rise up from staying down once they sense a drop in prayer energy. The more you try to create a time to pray, the harder it becomes. When you see that your prayer fire is going down, the best thing to do is not to start planning on a time to go on retreat to pray, but to start praying immediately, because that time may never come.

But you say will that be effective? Who said it won’t be effective. Open your mouth and begin to pray regardless of where you are at that moment. It doesn’t have to be noisy, but don’t keep quiet.

Prayer is an action word, you don’t think prayer, you talk prayer. You don’t wish to pray, you voice out prayer, and when you do this, you have to be conscious of what you’re doing. Pay attention to it. You could do this while at work, while walking, washing, while cooking, while in class, etc. just keep your mouth moving, make sure it’s not closed.

When you wanna pray to run out of the covering of prayerlesness the devil wants to put you, you don’t just pray in your heart. This way you could even forget you were praying, learn to painstakingly engage your mouth.

They may call you mad or think you’re talking to yourself, don’t let that bother you, it’s better to be mad for a just cause that to be mad from satanic oppression.

“ENTER INTO YOUR CLOSET” or “GO TO YOUR SECRET PLACE”. These statements is another thing that confuses people, so they wait till they get home or get to that location where they can lock in themselves. Your closet is you, yes you heard that, your secret place is Christ in you, enter into the you in you, your spirit, the consciousness of the life of God in you, and shut the door (your soul) against distractions.

Now listen, it will be wrong to now say because of this you’ll never have a prayer time, don’t be deceived, there should be times you set aside to seriously pay attention to the matters of prayer as well, e’en though you never stopped praying. Does that then mean you were never serious? No! But you can be more serious and focused.

The beauty of it now is this, a prayer life can help you create a prayer time, but to wanna create a prayer life with a prayer time is like emptying an ocean into a basket. The best you’ll do with that is to pray, but you’ll never develop a prayer life (consistency and sustainability in prayer) with such attitude.

I hope this blessed you.

I call you blessed.
In Jesus name

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