The Military Career As a Professional Service To The Nation

June 08 12:50 2019


Colonel Sagir Musa

The Military career as a professional is actually a service to humanity in an effort to ensure the country remains a united nation.

The Military which comprises of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force with the constitutional powers of securing the territorial integrity of our nation against any external aggression either by land, air or sea, is designed as a patriotic national service with professional ethics.

No sentiment! No Region! No State! No Religious Bias! No Tribal or Ethnic sentiment! Military Parade with full Honor!

A child born out of a simple family with either military or civil background grows to an age he could touch his ears with his hand across his head, which would qualify him in enrolling into Primary School. Later to Secondary School as some careers start from the Army Children School, Air Force School and Navy School, and other secondary education while others take up from the Nigeria Military Secondary School, Air Force Secondary School and Navy Secondary School, and other various secondary Schools.

Candidates apply for tertiary institutions after Secondary School while others apply to Nigeria Defense Academy, Kaduna, Nigeria Navy Academy, Onura Onne and others to Pilot Schools. Successful candidates report to the Nigeria Defense Academy and Military Numbers (NDA _) were allotted in accordance to courses and nomenclatures.

A professional Military career takes off at this stage with the simple belief that Cadets will be commissioned Officers, struggle through the thin red line to become a General as destined by nature.

This Military career has specific terms and conditions of service which must end after 35 years or after a meritorious service to the nation as Almighty Allah destined.

In the course of the training, a lot of water goes down the drain: some fall off, some run away, some die and so on while the successful ones make the Officers’ Corp.

Interestingly, every Cadet has his specific Number based on courses; and two (2) people can never have same number thus the seniority pattern in the Military career. Same also goes to commissioned Officers.

In the course of the service, interesting things happen in life where discipline, rigidity and dogmatism take all through the service line.

The average Military man has different timing of identifying a girlfriend that metamorphoses, among others, to a position of a wife. This woman sees a lot, endure a lot, enjoy a lot, suffers a lot, feel the pain a lot but by professional career and in case anything happen to the gentleman Officer, the wife takes the reward, the soul and the agony of marrying a Military Officer.

The Military man’s wife is always one rank ahead of her husband. While the husband is busy running the Military profession, the wife is struggling to build up the home front and the children in gradual but sometime difficult perspectives.

Thirty five (35) years of service, a modern professional age on rank, no one make the General below 50 years in today’s perspective and only God knows how he struggle through the thin red line to make it to the apex position.

In either way, when the service ends, one commenced metamorphic life to adjust into the civilian environment.

The Military career is so designed and defined that one has the entitlement of Gratuity and subsequent monthly Pension. At this stage, one must have been privy to own a personal house as he must relinquish the Military accommodation and back to the larger society and begin adjustable life into civilian society.

His greatest companions are the wife, the children, his course mates and others, starting a fresh life after 50 years as ordained by God. The black man says life begins at 50 while the white man says life begins at 40.

Never live the life of isolation or loneliness as no dead person can bury himself.

An ex-Military man relates more with his course mates and enjoys assistants from those that humble themselves and are in the position to assist. Such people usually have larger heart and they are thus tagged as ‘keep the flag flying’. We are living in the world of learning. As the way you lay your bed so you shall sleep on it.


The best of life is life after retirement, if only one believe in himself and ready to adjust to the reality of nature.

After a successful Military service, somewhere, somehow, one must retire or leave the service through any other means and thereafter return to the larger society which is the civilian environment. At this juncture, for those that are privy to understand the reality of life, even at the apex of the service, the siren will gradually die off; the Military Escort will be reduced. At most, one will be lucky to have a Driver and an Orderly of the Military formation. Only the Service Chiefs, President and Vice President of Military background will have life coverage.

The belief in the eyes of civilians is “that Uniform man has returned, let us see what we can grab from him”.

The fear of the Uniform he used to wear gradually fades in the civil society while inside of him he starts thinking of what next to do.

A stronger retiree who has strength and falls within the rank that he could be employed by organizations which requires ex-military experience towards achieving discipline and dedication to service, or otherwise, he would have to go into a privately owned business which in most cases are very herculean as he has a belief in his heart that the civilian wants to cheat him or take advantage of him.

An ex-Military man who underwent all training perspectives and retired finally can secure a place at Lagos, Abuja or Kaduna if for any reason he wishes to avoid returning back to his State of origin for many reasons.


There are some sensitive businesses which are mostly controlled and participated by illiterates. These classes of defined illiterates are very smart, fast guys when it comes to issue of money. Among such businesses are:

a) Local Agency on Houses (Agents)

b) Foreign Exchange (Bureau De Change)Dealer

c) Petroleum Product Dealer

d) Car Dealer (Buying and Selling)

e) Farmland and Produce

f) Cattle Dealer and Rearing

g) Commercial vehicle Owner

Above cited businesses are easily attracted by ex-Military men who do not have the opportunity of leaving the country and want to remain in Nigeria.

In some cases, the Military men have some level of acceptability of relatives of his wife who has been with them.

It is worthy of note that one should start hiring or engaging the service of a domestic driver and domestic house help at the point of leaving while you pay salary from your pocket between the range of N20,000 to N30,000/= before leaving the service.

For a retiree to be successful in any business, he has to keep away the position achieved by Military hierarchy and return to level head to learn the nitty-gritty of what it takes to run a successful business.

A tree can never make a forest, but gradually with the aid of other trees, a forest is made while others must enjoy the shade.

There is the strong need to really look backwards as the saying goes: those you meet on your way up, you will definitely meet them on your way down. This automatically translates to the need to start trusting someone you have come a long way with. And to achieve your goal and objective, you must ensure this particular person has some relief directly from you in order to buy some level of loyalty and create some family trust.

At this juncture, the life of You Bandit! You Bloody Civilian! And all sorts of Military jargons are over.


After the age of fifty (50), one would be very lucky not to have one of the popular sicknesses: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Prostrate, Liver Cirrhosis, leg and back pain, etc. It is only with careful health maintenance, body exercise and some work of a little business which even at a loss, is worthy of sacrifice from your extra earning out of Gratuity and Pension. Unless otherwise, one create some fair level playing ground with the civil society and do marginal business to sustain self and support what “Madam” is providing in the house couple with some savings for students’ School fees, one is sometimes exposed to idleness which aggravates health issues which we must avoid before a partial stroke ensue.

It is a simple fact that there is no Military man without a specific vice in his life time. The average civilian believes strongly that Military men have certain injection that is administered into their bodies but nothing of such, rather, professional hard core training and exposure are what gives the hardness in the mind of the Military personnel.

Most hard Military men actually have weak heart, especially when it comes to taking decisions, as the best in the Military men’s career comes from those that have gone to the battle field and fought war with proper command and control of strategic maneuver in the line of duty.

There is a saying that: join the military, travel to exotic distant land, meet the exciting unusual people and clear their doubts.

The Military man is one of the best persons that respect marriages and matrimonial homes. For those that have abandoned their people in the course of their Military career, for sure, their savior is only when they get married to someone from their place as she create time to visit the home and the extended families and thereafter, after retirement, one can be accepted back home to join the group of the elders of the communities who at most times recommend the ex-Military man for a traditional title.


Traditional Councils have their approach to a successful leadership and followership for their people while the Military man has strategic system of leadership. When these are combined, it gives birth to another way of life.


Politics is tagged a ‘dirty game’ but very interesting if you have the hard skin and a level playing ground.

Politicians are a complete set of human beings who know how to play gambles as explained in the music by Kenny Rogers in the ‘Gamble’. The ex-Military man has a strategic way, if exposed, to survive between the politicians.

I rest my case for others to agree or disagree with my theory and look forward to expanding on the little piece I have written.

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