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Production of Drug War Movie ‘Green Wave’ Begins With Auditioning of Talents in Abuja

The process for the production of an Upcoming Nollywood Movie titled ‘Green Wave’ has been set in motion with the auditioning of movie talents.

The audition exercise which held on Saturday at Asset Garden in Area 8 Abuja saw movie talents access the character they could play before proceeding to prove being worthy of the roles they choose.

Successful auditioness will have the privilege to star along Segun Arinze, Ivie Ekujai, Kevin Ikeduba, Ochimana Tender, Kenechukwu Eze, John Eddie Tamuno among other seasoned actors and actresses to make the movie a success.

“What I expect from the audition is the best cast we need for best interpretation of the story and Godwilling I’m hopeful of getting what we need from the crop of talents that have auditioned for various roles,” the movie’s director John Jesse Walters told newsmen.

Walters who identifies himself as
a “cross-director” has also directed directed an Hausa movie Series, ‘Muqabala’. Among his notable works done in English include ‘Good Citizen’ produced by Iroko TV among other works.

According to the movie producer, Ochimana Tender, ‘Green Wave’ tells the story of a society where law enforcers are heavily invested in fighting against the flow of illicit drug while others who pretend to be a part of the fight are undermining it.

“The movie comically portrays the fact that there are heroes among many scoundrels,” he said.

Ochimana went on to note that the movie would be out before the end of 2021, adding that “It’s going be cinematic and Netflix standard.“

When asked about the rationale behind the movies name, he said: “Green Wave is the name of an app developed where illicit drug are sold that’s how we came up with the name.”

On his part, the projected movie associate producer Adamu Musa Adams touted the upcoming movie “as presenting a model that can be adopted by Nigerian authorities to effectively deal with the flow of illicit drug in Nigeria and the corruption undermining the fight.

“The movie is an advocacy which presents a model that has never been adopted before,“ he said.

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