Popular Myths And Their Truth

January 20 17:41 2022

1. The earth is perfectly circular

The shape of planet earth has always been changing over the years and this can be attributed to many things. Many over the years have actually believed that the earth is a perfect kind of circle in shape which is not actually true. The movement of the continental plates is what causes the constant changes in the earth’s shape. The earth is not really round and in fact not anywhere close to being round.

2. Leaning one’s head back will stop nose bleeding

Nose bleeding is a common thing among many people and it’s normally caused mainly by environmental factors like dry air that may affect the nasal membrane fracturing some of the blood vessels found in the nose. Most people always think that leaning the head back is the best method of stopping the bleeding. Actually that’s not true because the blood might flow into a person’s throat and even choke them. The best method is to use a piece of cold clothing with ice cubes to massage the area around the nose.

4. Jesus was born on December 25th

There are actually no historical records that suggest Jesus was born on the 25th of December. It was after the Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity that he made this day to mark the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The date was such an important date on the Roman calendar. There was a festival celebrated between the dates 17 to 25th December that involved spending time with family, distributing gifts and just making merry and revelry. After being converted to Christianity, he decided to mark this date as celebration of Christ’s birth.

5. Julius Caesar being born by caesarean section

Julius Caesar was a great man in history and he shaped history in a great way. Because of the name Caesar, many have created the notion that Julius Caesar was born by Caesarean section.

The truth of the matter is that he was born a natural birth. This surgical birthing process received it’s name from the law of Caesar that stated that of a mother died in the process of giving birth, the child had to be cut from its mothers womb.

6. Albert Einstein was not very good in mathematics

The legendary physicist Albert Einstein was an absolute genius and is known for his many discoveries in the field of science. There is a common myth however that, Einstein was poor in maths which he denied while still alive. The only problem that Einstein had in school is that he never pursued and hated subjects that did not interest him.

7. Bulls get angry when they see colour red

You’ve probably heard of this statement and even watched films that try to validate this assertion. The common assertion is that bulls get angry when they see bright colours most especially colour red. What actually triggers the anger in the bull when it sees a bright colour is the movement that particular. The bulls rarely attack when the thing is still with no movement and as a matter of fact they do not know colours.

8.Humans only use 10 percent of their brain

Have you ever heard of this statement that humans only use 10% of their brain capacity. That is actually not true. For those who have watched the 2014 movie called Lucy, you probably believe this conclusion that is made in the movie.

According to scientists, humans actually use 100% of their brain capacity because the brain is ever active throughout the person’s lifetime even when they sleep.

9. We need 8 glasses of water everyday

Medics actually advice that it’s important to at least take 8 glasses of water which is very good because our body needs a lot of water to function properly. That is actually one of the secrets for living a healthy life. If you cannot keep up with the 8 glasses a day, you shouldn’t blame yourself because the amount of water you should take within a day depends on a lot of factors. It depends on the general health of the person, the amount of work one does and the environment that they live and it is never equal for all persons.

10.Marie Antoinette’s statement ”Let them eat cakes”

Before and after the French revolution Marie Antoinette became one of the most hated queens in history for a mistake she never made. It was in 1789 when a great famine hit France and there was no bread to eat. It is said that when the people were complaining about the absence of bread, the queen told them to instead eat cakes. How can one who can’t afford bread purchase a cake?

Historians have actually proven that the statement was not made by Marie Antoinette and there are records of the statement having existed even before her time. She was a woman who loved to give and help the poor but the statement was very common in those days and wrongly associated with her.


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