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Pidgin Version Of The FIFA Amendment On The Laws of The Game

Pam Jerry Jimmy

FIFA don comot hand dey point out some kain football rules wey dem go change for football dis year and everything no go pass dis 25th of June wey dey come so. As we don torchlight d rules very well, naim we say make we explain am wella give una make e for no bring serious gbege.

  1. FIFA don talk say any player wey take hand carry ball inside box 18 or 16 Na straight penarity, notin like say weda him know carry am abi him no kNow carry am abi na him village people put d ball for him hand, dat1 no concern d referee again, Na straight penarity.
  2. FIFA still talk say una see dat tin wey players dey do wen dem wan substitute dem comot for field wey dem go begin Waka like snail dey waste time, dat nonsense must stop.any player wey dem wan substitute, make him just look for d nearest touchline pass comot, no need to dey Waka go were him coachie dey, we no want am again,dat tin too dey waste time.
  3. FIFA say if dem wan play goal kick, no need for players to dey wait make ball comot for box 18 b4 dem touch am leg, dem fit dey touch d ball now for anywere inside d field even for inside box 18,as dem check am well say e too dey favor strikers unto say as d defender dey wait make d ball comout for 18 b4 him touch am, d striker fit run jagba d ball go burs net, Na y dem say make dem kukuma change d rule make e for fit favor everybody.
  4. FIFA talk say any member of d coaching staff wey gbemu/do anyhow abi him insult referee,make referee fire am card weda yellow or red, no need make referee dey write letter abi dey explain give anybody again, make everybody just respect himsef. And any of d coaching staff wey collect upto 5 yellow card,we go sama am with 1match ban.
  5. FIFA talk say una see dat tin wey we dey call fair play wey dey shele wen one player fall or wound,den referee go con carry ball throw give one player to play fail play give d other people, d idiot go carry ball play trowey go throw-in or play am enter bush so dat pressure go dey untop d other people, dat nonsense behavior must stop o we no like am again, in fact wen dat kain tin happen, no need to play fair play again, make d referee just carry d ball give one player, den d match continue from dere. And finally FIFA talk say any time wey dem wan play direct freekick and opponent form wall of 3 or more people, make d other people no just near dat wall atall, infact make dem give d wall gap of 1meter so dat pushing no go dey.dat tin dey result to serious gbege most times and we no want am.

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