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OPINION : The Eyes Of A Coach Versus The Eyes Of An Onlooker

Football is a game that is loved and followed worldwide, with millions of fans tuning in to watch their favourite teams and players in action. While the game itself is exciting and entertaining, it is the decisions made by coaches that often determine the outcome of a match. The eyes of a coach versus the eyes of an onlooker can often see things from completely different perspectives, and it is the coach’s understanding of the game that makes them the right people to make decisions.

Coaches have a unique set of qualifications and training that allows them to see the game in a way that most onlookers cannot. They understand the tactics and strategies involved in winning a match, and they know how to read the game and make changes on the fly to give their team the best chance of success. They also have a deep understanding of their players, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they fit into the overall game plan.

One example of a coach making a controversial decision that paid off was in a match between Katsina United and Naf FC. Katsina United’s coach, Usman Abdallah, took out one of his strikers and refused to replace him with another striker. Instead, he converted Nazifi to play the role of the striker. Many spectators were confused by this decision and questioned the coach’s judgment, but it turned out to be a stroke of genius.

Nazifi went on to score the deciding goal for Katsina United, securing a crucial win for the team. Coach Abdallah’s decision to make this change was based on his understanding of the game and his knowledge of his players. He knew that Nazifi had the skillset and the ability to play in the striker position, and he trusted his instincts to make the change.

The eyes of a coach see the game from a completely different perspective than the eyes of an onlooker. While onlookers may see a player struggling or a formation that doesn’t seem to be working, coaches are able to see the bigger picture and make decisions based on what they know about the game and their players. They are able to make changes that may seem counterintuitive or even unpopular, but that ultimately give their team the best chance of success.

In conclusion, coaches are the right people to make decisions in football because they possess the qualifications, training, and understanding of the game that allows them to see things from a different perspective. While their decisions may not always be popular with onlookers, they are often the ones that lead to success on the field. As the example of Katsina United vs Naf FC shows, sometimes it pays to trust the eyes of a coach over the eyes of an onlooker.

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