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Operation Safe Conduct 2019: Our hands clean..ooo – Army

The authorities wey dey Nigerian Army don clean their people say dem no do any bad during Operation SAFE CONDUCT 2019.

One committee wey Oga patapata for Army Lieutenant General Tukur Yusufu Buratai put together make dem torchlight some accusations of unprofessional conduct wey involve some Nigerian Army personnel during the 2019 general elections, talk to plenty people wey include Governors of Bayelsa and Rivers States, among others.

The Committee say after wey dey torchlight all the allegate, dey come see say truth no dey anyone. Say, the people wan call small dog bad name make dem killam.

The committee say dey also found out say the allegate say Soldiers wan kpai some people, unilaterally imposed curfew, abducted and illegally detained INEC staff and diverted INEC materials for Nembe-Basambiri no bi so e bi.

The Committee say dey received submissions from some people wey dey the state wey show say people wan just call Nigerian Army bad name.

However, Nigerian Army say dem dey torchlight those people wey dem discover kurukere for their waka that time. Say, if dey find them guilty, dem no go go unpunished. They say dem don dey use administrative ways dey redeploy those personnel wey dey 6 Division wey people think say dem don too tey for Abonnema, because if person too tey for toilet, e dey sabi fly wey get one eye.

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