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Lulu Sets To Declare For Office Of The Executive Governor Of Kogi State

Dr. Sani Lulu Abdullahi, the Kogi State governorship aspirant in the All Progressives Congress (APC) for November 16 election is set to declare intention.

Lulu who has been following events in kogi state in the last four years felt it is time to take his service to the nation to the next level by making himself available for his people.

For the past 3 1/2 years Kogi state has been held captive by a strange system of governance christened the New Direction led by Alhaji Yahaya Bello and his chief executioner Chief Edward David Onoja.

The new direction government of Kogi state actually lived by its name as it reversed the economic and social order of the state.

Uncertainty, hopelessness, lack of development and destruction of the inherited infrastructures became the hallmark of the new direction government.

Workers in Kogi state receive percentage salaries once in a quarter of year, Pensioners have not been treated better as the government disregards them
and denied most of them their entitlements . Many of them died out of frustration without receiving a dime.

The education sector has been paralysed as teachers
salaries and other necessities for teaching and learning both at the basic, elementary secondary and tetiery levels remain either in heaven or misdirected by the new direction agenda. May be they still believe that “Teachers Reward is in Heaven”.

Kogi state University Ayingba is now a ghost institution , where over 130 Professors have left due to non payment of salaries and entitlements as well as high handedness by the state government.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities KSU branch has been proscribed by the new direction administration to prevent collective bargaining and muscle and emansculate academic freedom.The institution has been reduced to the status of a secondary school.

Businesses have equally suffered serious setback as many shops have closed and owners relocated to other states where commercial activities flourish unhindered.

Thuggery has become very lucrative as youth are empowered to unleash terror on innocent people perceived to be opposed to the harsh policies of the administration. Huge sums of money has been wasted on purchase of vehicles which have been distributed to thugs to boost their moral in discharging heinous crimes against the people.

The Kogi state Specialists hospital in Lokoja has been rendered redundant as almost all the Consultants have left for greener pasture. The entire staff of the hospital are being owed several months of salaries, while the age long medical equipments have become obsolate and no hope of replacement despite the necessity for it.

Despite all the allocations from the federation accounts , the bail out , Paris Club refund and Internally Generated Revenue, Kogi state is moving in backward progression. The whole system and managers have proven incompetence and lacks sense of maturity. The government lacks sense of purpose and direction.

To rescue Kogi is a task that must be done.

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