Legalize Prostitution..Uche Agbo

May 18 12:53 2019

Nollywood actress Uche Agbo has taken to her Instagram page to criticize the recent clamp down of prostitutes and their subsequent dehumanization in Abuja.

The action which has angered many forced Uche to describe prostitutes as human beings and should be treated as such.

Uche wrote on her page as thus:

‘This News is really rather Unsettling for me! ,

‘I’m Hurt deep down , thinking Of the pain these Prostitutes go through in the hands of the General Public! , This brings me to Ask, “Ain’t these Prostitutes HUMANS too? Why do we Derive joy in seeing other people go through Anguish and Pain! , this whole world is gradually turning into a Real Life Animal Jungle! So then, why did we make “LAWS” ain’t this laws there to protect Us, to make Us Superior to lesser Animals? But at the End we are proving ourselves not better in anyway! WE ARE ALL ANIMALS like goats, sheep,lions, chickens etc cos we have lost our Sense of Humanity!.,..

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