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Leave Our Traditional Rulers Alone..Igala Group Cautions Yahaya Bello

The Supreme Council of Igala Nation (SCIN) has cautioned the Governor of Kogi State Yahaya Bello to respect the traditional stool of Attah Igala, and desist from actions that will bring the respected traditional institution to ridicule.

The Supreme council of Igala Nation a pan IGALA organisation with its membership spread across the globe made up of all IGALAs from Kogi State, Ondo State, Oyo State, Anambra State, Enugu State, Rivers/Bayelsa State all in Nigeria and IGALAs from Democratic Republic of Congo in a release signed by its executive members dated May 17, 2019 said they deem it very necessary to ask the Governor and his Chief of Staff Mr. David Edward Onoja to respect his royal majesty, the ATTAH of IGALA and all other Igala royalties by stopping further desecration of the palace of the Attah of Igala who also doubles as the chairman of the council of chiefs in Kogi State.

They said their attention has been drawn to a recent political party meeting of Governor Yaya Bello’s campaign team held at the palace of the Attah of Igala with the sole objective of inaugurating members of the Governor Yaya Bello’s second term campaign team and also with a second agenda of issuing out harsh threats on the Igala and Kogi people who hold contrary political ideologies and views to theirs.

This they said was followed by forcefully getting the Attah and the other Igala royal fathers to move to Lokoja to endorse Governor Yaya Bello’s second term bid.

“We the IGALA people have absolute respect for our royal fathers who as well as serving as custodians of our culture and tradition also intercede between us and our ancestors from time immemorial”

“We therefore take total exception to the sacrilegious use of the Palace of the Attah of Igala for unholy political gatherings where open threats are being issued to the people”.

They said the Palace of the Attah is a place that unites all Igala people for peaceful and prosperous reasons and also for cleanse of Igala kingdom in times of adversity. It is not a place to draw out guns and daggers against fellow brothers”.

The Group condemned the use of the instruments of the office of the Governor of Kogi state to forcefully drag the traditional rulers to Lugard house for the purpose of endorsing your second term bid. They reminded the Governor of some ills of his administration, while intimating him that since the election bells are gradually ringing that the people who would demand for accountability, should be forced against their wish.

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