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Husband and wife fall Commot from 9 storey building when dem dey ‘gingiri’

Sex fall
Sex fall

One woman don kpai when she fall commot from the ninth floor of a block of flats wey dey Russia, when she dey gingiri with her man. But her partner survived after him land on top of her.

The woman wey her age be 30, dem see am say she don kpai for the ground floor of an apartment block in St Petersburg on the night of July 5. Neighbours wey dey live for the house say na wild party.

People say dey see television wey dey throw commot from the window of the flat, after dey see the woman and her 29-year-old lover fall commot for ground.

The woman fall with her head-first on top of the asphalt and kpai instantly, but the man survived after wey him fall on top of the woman.

Witness say dem see the partially clothed man wey stand up go rejoin the party.

Initial reports suggested say na TV wey dey fall commot kill the woman, but images from the scene come show clearly say she dey naked from the waist down.

Investigators come conclude say the couple dey gingiri on a windowsill when dey fall commot.

Two other men wey dey the flat when the fall happen, but dem say dey no dey involve.

Dem don launch murder case.

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