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Tokyo 2020: God is Not Unjust

Having been reading the postulations here all day, some are factual while some are hilarious and very entertaining.

The imbroglio rocking team Nigeria in Tokyo didn’t just start today and it is unwise to blame HM Sunday Dare for all these mess created by some people who are no longer in power.

For those of us who are keen followers of Federation sports in Nigeria, we know much but we pick different targets to aim for.

HM Dare like Bolaji Abdulahi inherited so many wahala and in trying to solve them created little bags of worries of their own.

Danagogo is even worst, the novice minister was there for his own business and not interested in the development of our games.

I remember quickly what happened to the IMG contract and the “I must take my share” which impeded and ended the contract even before it was offered.

Solo- Dalung is another contractor, though he instilled discipline and stopped the ineptitude within the sports ministry, however hand picking and installing his goons as sports Federation’s president set a bad precedent.

It was alleged that, highest bidders like Kida, Gusau and many others where Dalung’s favourite.

The journey of this “decimation” started when the IAAF money that was wrongly transferred to Nigeria got missing under Gusau and Dalung’s watch, Dare rescued Nigeria by paying up the balance.

Let’s track back on how Gusau was elected, my focus is on AFN because that is where the Shenanigan is.

On the day of Gusau’s first election as AFN “unpopular” president, I was with the juju man, kayode and Nimrod, we sat together before the juju man was almost beaten up for being too garrulous, after the stampede, the athletics stakeholders stated categorically that Gusau was never their choice, however, dollars was traded and the ministry people forced their way through and installed Gusau at the expense of true democracy.

Now we know where that has led us to and why the impeachment saga of Gusau lasted this long.

It takes 5 to 4 years to prepare for an Olympic podium finish, meaning that Dalung ought to have prepared the template for Tokyo Olympic since 2016/17 however he didn’t because he was busy chasing the dollars in NFF.

Dare came on-board and settled the “collateral damage”, while doing this he innocently and unknowingly created his own bag of worries.

Appointment of caretakers committee was one of Dare’s unpopular decision, he could have allowed some “greedy administrators” to end their tenure after the Olympics.

Dare was appointed less than 3 years ago, there is no way he could have pulled any magic going into this Olympic because he was short of time and pressed for time.

If we all agreed that the preparations for an Olympic circle is 5 to 4 years, then what magic could Dare make out of 2 years of unstable economy occasioned by the Pandemic.

The female Canadian wrestling team’s budget for the past two years of the Olympic cycle was $4.6 million. What’s the combined budget of all sports feerations in Nigeria?

What is our budget for the Olympic?

We can’t reap where we didn’t sow.

Let’s look at the countries with the most gold medals at the current Olympic, it tells the story.

We have systemic failure that is beyond Dare, this team Nigeria will still fail under any minister because it was designed to fail by some people over 20 years ago.

If we dig deep we can recall the “Do or die” fight between Ndanusa and Gumel, that cost us a lot and it was a serious set back that is manifesting till today (It also mark the beginning of power tussle in sports federations).

I am not subjected to Sunday Dare, I am an Innocent critic but not the armchair one.

Some of us are just journalists of opinion and not facts.

Please attack the post and not the poster.

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