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Former Senatorial Aspirant Endorses Lulu’s Candidature, Collapse Political Structures Into Lulu’s

A former Senatorial aspirant in Kogi State Comrade Egwu Amanah Mathias Paul has endorsed the candidature of Alhaji Sani Lulu Abdullahi, saying that that is the answer and solution to Kogi State In the Forth Coming 16th November Election.

In a statement in Lokoja, the APC stalwart said “Alhaji Abdullahi Sani Lulu is a very simple man, down to earth, a friend to the young and old folk. He is a fine gentle man, a very unassuming and frank person who never hides his feelings and opinion on issues”.

“Sani Lulu is a generous man to a fault, compassionate and generally loved by all.
An astute politician, accomplished public servant, a lover of sport, a sport administrator, a disciplinarian, meek and intelligent”.

Continuing, the political juggernaut in Kogi state said “his success stories both at private and public services have endeared me to this great personality . Track record is what we need in a man that will pilot the affairs of our dear state that have plunged into hardship, doldrums of economic quagmire, political intolerance, lack of staff welfare, non payment of worker’s salaries, death of infrastructure among others “.

“To this end, I comrade Paul Amanah Mathias Egwu have decided to collapse our political structure into Lulu”s political structure and that of APC to earnestly work for the victory of the party and Lulu’s gubernatorial bid come 16th November, 2019″.

“Being a legitmate credible man from Idah, I vividly want to go on record as endorsing SANI LULU ABDULLAHI, former NFF President for the office of Kogi State governor, during which time Kogites and stakeholders have realized his Credibility and Accountability for governance. He brings excellent credentials and experiences on leadership from national and international relations from back ground of general sports and teams management of which he remains the best man that favoured the young, youths and the old. He still remains the best and the most amiable leader with applaudable Credibility and Accountability to our beloved nation, Nigeria whose services needed in Kogi State mostly so to say.
From my research so far, from his genealogy to different educational and institutional spheres, I have found SANI LULU ABDULLAHI totally worthy in characteristics of Trustworthiness, Humility, Hardworking, Integrity, Due Flexibility, Credibility and his well-known commitment to Accountability in the governance which will promote an atmosphere of Openness in the area of government finances, which I believe could be the only SOLUTION AND REMEDY to the traumatized Kogites”Comrade Egwu Amanah Mathias Paul who is the author Of the Book; Unity: A Necessity In Nigeria concluded.

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