Enyimba To Play AL lttihad In Benghazi

December 06 20:39 2021

Nigeria’s sole remnant club in the continent, Enyimba International of Aba will now play their postponed first leg encounter against AL itthadi of Libya in Benhazi between 17-19 December.

This According to CAF in reference of the request made by the two affected clubs on the ill fated first leg match which was supposed to be played in Tunisia.

According to CAF, they received protests against the decision of the OC from both parties,
Al Ittihad and Enyimba, and hence the case was resubmitted to the
Organizing Committee of Interclubs competitions who consulted CAF Legal
Division and decided the following:


i. Enyimba FC has to some extent been negligent in
preparing for the fixture against Ittihad, as they did not complete their
due diligence to check the entry requirements to Tunisia.

However, this does not mean that we can automatically apply the Covid-19 protocol
regulation’ provision stating that _”In case a Participating Team cannot travel to the host country and/or venue of a Match due to any travel or other restriction relating to COVID-19, the Participating Team in
question shall be considered to have lost the match 2 – 0″ considering the following extenuating circumstances:

ii. Ittihad has not performed its duty as host team in
accordance with the obligation stated in clause IX.17.1 of the

Indeed, Ittihad is required to “provide all possible
facilities concerning formalities_”.

One of the minimum facilitations that could be expected from the host team is to inform the visiting team
regarding the latest information on the entry restrictions in Tunisia or
liaising with local authorities to grant them entry approval into the
country to play the match.

iii. The Tunisian authorities require travellers to
present a vaccination passport or a certificate proving the completion
of the complete vaccination regimen against the Covid-19 within 28 days
for the “Janssen” vaccine and 14 days for the other vaccines second

Therefore, even if Enyimba FC completed its due diligence and knew these entry requirements before flying to Morocco, they would not have been able to honour the game in Tunisia anyways since the time between
the publication of the fixture and the date of the game was too short
(14 days) for Enyimba FC to ensure full compliance with local health provisions.

iv. The Protocol allows the Organizing Committee to take
final decisions in exceptional circumstances concerning the match/
situation in question.

v. In light of the circumstances at stake, the Committee may invoke the unforeseen case and the exceptional
circumstances as provided for the Regulations and the Protocol to agree
with the teams on a new schedule for match 95 and 96.


On the request of Ittihad to consider the match lost to their favour; this request is not approved based on the above mentioned facts
(Points ii-iii).

On the request of Enyimba to consider the match lost to their favour; this request is not approved since there is no security condition that prevented the match to be played.

Match 95: Since Ittihad have already requested CAF to hold the match
in question in Benghazi (Libya), this request is approved by CAF.

The match cannot take place in Tunisia due to the fact mentioned in
point (iii) that will not allow Enyimba to comply to the vaccination
rule due to short time.


Ittihad’s request to play the match in question in Benghazi is approved and the match can take place in the period of 17-19 December.

Ittihad of Libya shall fix the exact date and kick-off time and inform
all parties before 10th December.

All the financial obligations born by the host and the visiting teams remain the same as per the regulations.

The initial designations of the match officials are maintained, and the mission is considered as continuation of the non-played match. (No
extra indemnities shall be paid).

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