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Cry for help From A Nollywood Actress

Nollywood actress, Monica Erero, has revealed that many film producers will always want to sleep with her before they give a role, because they say she is fat.

The actress who posted on her social media platforms revealed what fat women are going through on a daily basis at the hands of others. She disclosed that some producers requested for sex in order to use her in movies because she is fat.

She stated that fat women face a lot of bullying from people on a daily basis. She maintained that fat women are often mocked by their peer groups because of their big stomachs. She maintained that her size in the movie industry is very hard to see because producers do not give them movie roles unless they have sex with them.

In the statement she made in the video, she said, “I made a video, and some people said I was advocating for fat women because I’m fat too.” People need to understand that fat women are being bullied a lot because of their big stomachs and bellies. Some producers used to ask me for sex to use me in movies because I’m fat. “If you notice that it is very hard to see fat women like me in the movie industry because they don’t give us movie roles unless we give them sex.”

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