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Court Orders Man To Buy Wife Chicken And Chips For Reconciliation

A Matero Local Court in Zambia, has ordered a man to buy his wife chicken and chips from a popular eatery, Hungry Lion after the court reconciled the couple after some disputes.

Mumba Simwanza sued Bridget Simazembwe after he got tired of her spending most of her time away from home on business ventures.

Bridget told the court that she was forced to work hard because she was the one paying their children’s university fees since her husband refused to take up the responsibility.

Bridget added that her husband runs a shop and collects rent from their nine tenants, but still fails to pay their child’s fees.

The magistrate, Harriet Mulenga asked Mumba if he wanted his wife to stop doing business and he said yes, but later changed his mind.

“She shouldn’t stop doing business, but she should balance up business activities and household responsibilities.

“She sells alcohol and this makes her to leave our matrimonial home for a longer period of time, ”he said.

But Bridget said she left home at around 03:00 hours and returned at night.

She said their matrimonial home is in Zeko Kangwa, where she went every day to sell alcohol in Lilanda at her mother’s house.

Mulenga berated Mumba for neglecting to pay his children’s tuition fees.

She reminded him that it was the very children that will take care of him when he grows old.

“The two of you should share costs. If she puts down K200 and you add K300, you make a budget, that’s what people who love each other do. Selfishness is killing a lot of marriages.

“We have a lot of divorce cases because people are selfish, they don’t care about their children. Why should these children suffer because of selfishness?” Mulenga asked.

She reconciled the couple and told Mumba to pay his wife’s court fees and buy her chicken and chips

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