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Christ Embassy ‘Night of Bliss’ Offers Hope to Nigerians as New Administration Takes Over

With a few days to usher in a new administration, Christ Embassy has enjoined Nigerians to walk with God and strengthen their faith so that the next 4 years will present to them continual moments of blissful Joy.
According to Matthew 9:21,it says
‘And the Woman said within Herself, if I may but touch the Hem of His Garment, I shall be made whole!
As a person, you might have come to a point in your life it seems everything is now a drag, you may seem not to be making the kind of progress you desire.

Maybe you have even tried everything you know to do but there isn’t a commensurate progress, don’t be discouraged or frustrated. You can have a complete change of narrative.At Christ Embassy night of bliss,the program which will be held in 23 praying spots and crusade venues across federal capital territory on Saturday,it offers hope for the hopeless and strengthens our faith in God.
The event which offers hope at the critical time of our lives when a new administration is about to take with attendant agitations from some section of the masses helps us to cope As the nation changes leadership,which is the most sensitive time for individual and corporate lives.
This critical period is when satan builds strategies to make such leaders follow his unlawful agender, Hence doom for the people therein.
Now we must take complete charge of the future of our individual and corporate life as a nation before the change of governance to ensure the next 4 years present to us continual moments of blissful Joy and progress in all endeavors because “the Earnest expectation of creature waits for the manifestation of the sons of God” {Romans 18:19}
How do we take Charge?
By coming in assurance of faith to the Night of Bliss!
it’s a place where God’s power will force changes in everyone’s life for Good.
A place where there’ll be unhindered access to the presence of God.
A place where We will align the fate of this great nation ‘Nigeria’ in accordance with God’s Good will For Jesus says in Matthew 18: 19 that “if Two or more of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, It will be done for you by my Father in Heaven”
Be at the Night of Bliss to take Charge of your life, and future!

The Night of Bliss: The night of the Completeness of Joy!

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