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74th UN General Assembly:Nigerian Youth Are Talented And Resourceful, Minister Tells Global Audience.

Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr. Sunday Dare has declared that the Nigerian youth are both talented and resourceful, which places them in a position to help solve major challenges of the world.
Mr. Dare, declared this in his address in a High Level side event meeting at the 74th United Nations General Assembly in New York, United States on Thursday.
He told the audience that “Nigeria parades a hugely resourceful and talented youth population. In the coming years the country will rely increasingly upon its youth population to develop smart products and solutions to conquer the challenges and problems of climate change, economic slowdown, unemployment and poverty. Equally by infusing technology into vocational training, a large swath of the youth population can be drawn into eco-friendly business activities.”
According to him, “The Ministry of Youth and Sports Development believes strongly that by creating digital jobs where opportunities abound, Nigeria’s teeming youth population of over 65 million will have a better chance of employment and entrepreneurship.”
On climate change and other issues the Minister urged the Youth to take their place in history and not be consigned to the backburner.
He charged that “Our youth have made this strident yet necessary call to action. They must not allow themselves to be silenced by those forces who say the young should be seen and not heard. But this world and its future belongs to them more than to anyone else.
“They must continue to raise their voices until the work is done. History will write of this moment that the children came to teach their parents and the older generation. By so doing, they just might have saved the world and all of us on it. The alternative history is much too dreadful to contemplate let alone to happen.
“The youth indeed are rising to the challenge and are challenging all of us to rise with them. We must answer their determined call” he stated.

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