Ondo Has Capacity To Become The Industrial Hub Of Nigeria – Prof. Dayo Faduyile

April 18 13:11 2020

APC gubernatorial aspirant in Ondo State, Professor Prince Adedayo Faduyile has promised to make Ondo state the industrial hub of Nigeria.

Professor Faduyile who hails from Okitipupa Local Government Area of the state but resides and works in Lagos state as consultant pathologist and associate professor in a chat on a popular WhatsApp group ‘Exclusivenews’ said Ondo state has the longest coastline in the entire country which puts the state at a vantage position of having a seaport that will reduce the congestion in Lagos seaport.

Unfortunately, he noted, it has been largely left on tapped’
Further, ‘the state has the highest deposit of bitumen in Nigeria and Africa and the third largest in the world but largely untapped, there are some areas where bitumen has come to the surface, so we need a government that is forward looking and is ready to tap into it.

‘The first company that produced sheet glass in Nigeria was located in Ondo state, Oluwa Glass but today the whole equipment has been dismantled and the place is a shadow of its former self’

‘Ondo state is also known for palm oil that even the late sage Nnamdi Azikiwe talked about in his speech during one of his campaigns with companies like OPC that is known for palm oil production but today it is virtually dead.

‘Another thing that the state is known for is production of cocoa and at one point was the highest cocoa producing state in Nigeria but today cocoa production is more like subsistence farming while country like Ghana that used to look to us, has cocoa as one of their major export and they are making huge foreign currency from it unfortunately Ondo can not be mentioned as a top cocoa producing state in Nigeria not to talk of rivaling Ghana in export

‘These are some of the areas we need to tap into and improve .

‘Let me talk about cocoa, Nigerian cocoa is not rated high because successive governments have not paid attention to the farmers who are involved in the production of cocoa rather the middle men are the one making the bulk of the money but to break that cycle, the state government needs to form a cooperative society and properly fund it through a bank like ‘Peoples Bank’ which we used to have in 80’s and 90’s. That way when farmers harvest their Cocoa they can be able to process it to certain level while the government will buy it from them, that way they will be able to have adequate payment for their goods unlike today where cocoa is sold raw with little or no gain for the famers which is why many cocoa famers are living in abject poverty.

‘So we plan to change the narrative, to work more with the farmers and improve availability of technical know-how, infrastructure and fund for the farmers.

‘Another area that has been neglected or taken for granted is the position of state as a gateway state to the South East and to the North and to explore the state government needs to invest in good road network and toll it because you have thousands of commuters who are plying the road to Abuja, other parts of the north and the East and create areas for parks, these areas will have hotels, you have spare parts market like what we have in Ladipo and create a hub of activities which leads to increase in IGR for Ondo state

‘Kolanut farming used to be one of the areas in which the state has comparative advantage, not forgetting wheat farming and more.
We need to move away from subsistence farming to mechanised farming these are the areas we want to explore within our four years in office,to transform ondo state to be a very rich state like Lagos state,’ he concluded.

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