Obaseki’s Self Inflicted Injuries.

May 19 18:39 2020

By : Col(Dr) David Imuse (rtd).
APC Chairman
Edo State.

Education of the mind is a continuous process. There is a big difference between mentorship and godfatherism.

Mr. Godwin Obaseki set the stage for the crisis in Edo State APC by not understanding the difference between the two.

It is a known fact that former Governor Adams Oshiomhole mentored Mr. Godwin Obaseki from political obscurity and made him the Governor of Edo state, having been his economic adviser for eight years. Simply put, Godwin Obaseki emerged from a political process designed and implemented by politicians to carry on the mandate of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole whose performance and success helped the APC to build trust and gain acceptance in the state. Adams Oshiomhole believed then that their would be continuity in governance.

Immediately Mr. Godwin Obaseki resume office, he began to
castigate the same process that propelled him into the position. He abandoned all projects that would have made his government one of continuity. He extricated himself from politics and alienated himself from all politicians that brought him to power. This self alienation created a gulf between him and his party, especially the leadership. All efforts to make him accommodate the party leadership within his style of administration fell on deaf ears.
This is the avoidable injury which Obaseki inflicted upon himself.

As the party Chairman I am not aware that Comrade Oshiomole solicitated any financial assistance from Obaseki. He did not request for any contract. Neither did he impose any government appointee on Obaseki. Infact the only Commissioner appointed because of Oshiomole has longed be dropped. He did not tell him how to conduct the affairs of State. Where then lie Obaseki’s concept of Oshiomole godfatherism?
His political naivety and poor administrative acumen is responsible for the incompetence and woes that have characterised his administration since inception.

There are few devils masquerading as loyalists that don’t want him to succeed. He knows them. These political vampires have so encapsulated him and made his brain impervious to good reasoning. If he has done a background check on these individuals he would have realised that they cannot survive without government patronage. Advices form them should have be taken with caution.

The only way out of this self inflicted quagmire is for Obaseki to truly reconcile himself with the leaders of the party in Edo State and leave Oshiomole out of this self inflicted injury.

It is my candid advice that Obaseki should leave the presidency out of these injuries. Since he claimed to have done so well Edo people should be allowed to determine who govern them in the forthcoming primaries.

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