Nigeria is Suffering From General Amnesia… SAN Advocates Restructuring For Her Survival.

January 28 16:52 2020

A legal luminary has said that the Nigerian nation is suffering from general amnesia and except she is urgently cured may have a very difficult future.
Mr. Theophilus Adekunle Oyesanya (SAN) who made the assertion while delivering a public lecture to mark the diamond jubilee of the Ibadan Christ Apostolic Grammar School (his alma mata) in Ibadan the Oyo State Capital on Tuesday opined that the nation faces the possibility of an aborted growth except there is a constitutional change that will usher in restructuring.
Speaking on the topic, OUR ALMA MATER; OUR COUNTRY; OUR FUTURE- MATTERS ARISING, Mr. Oyesanya said the factors that ushered in the civil war whose 50th memory is being observed still prevail for according to him, the Igbos complained of injustice and extermination of their kith and Kins in Northern Nigeria but the effort to enforce unity by the Gowon administration with her 3Rs of Reconciliation, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation is still a mirage.

He queried why the main object destroyed by the civil war, the Niger Bridge is still under construction since 1970.

Mr. Oyesanya said the Military era posted two negative challenges to the nation, an introduction of two deceptive constitutions stating that: “The problem with the Military Government was always the fact that they arrogated to themselves the right and power to dictate to the rest of us the terms and conditions in which we should live together”.

He said the introduction of the trending security network in the South Western part of Nigeria, code named AMOTEKUN was a reflection of the security status of the nation adding that instead of the legislative arm of the nation to come up with legal security formulae, they sagged under the fear that state Police may introduce tyranny.

According to him, restructuring does not mean packing up the nation, “But the thrust of the argument for restructuring is that political power and decision-making on some vital issues will be returned to the Regions. Such issues include education, electricity, state police, the economy etc, while we still maintain a National Army, the national currency and some vital national issues which have to do with our common Nigerian identity. That way, all ethnic nationalities and sundry interest groups will take their destinies into their hands and there will be competitive growth and progress amongst all these groups to the larger benefit of the Country”.

He also said the decision to take over mission schools in the 70s by the military was more of a deadly injury than good because the glory of the schools founded by both the Christian and Muslim missions has become an ICHABOD, meaning Gone glory.

Mr Oyesanya, an old student of ICAGS born the very year the school was founded, said one of the setbacks was the eradication of boarding facilities commending the Oyo State Government for making it a policy to bring it back. He recalled that his living in the boarding House brought nostalgia memories for “we learnt to live on a daily basis with persons from diverse backgrounds and ethnic nationalities and indeed different religious inclinations and the resultant national integration and unity among us still abounds till date”.
He strongly advocated the return of mission schools to the willing Christian and Muslim Missions that founded them adding that Parents/Teachers Associations as well as old students of the institutions have great roles to play in the development of the institutions.

According to him, Oyo State is 26th out of 36th on the WAEC performance list of the country and none of the public schools in the state is among the top ten schools in Oyo State.

Mr. Oyesanya said the Oyo State government spends 1,000:00 Naira per student as running cost for well over 400 students in 460 secondary schools which when computed means one point two billion Naira per session which although looks huge but can be complimented by other stake holders.

Accolades were poured on the founding fathers of the school, especially the first President of the Christ Apostolic Church and the then Olubadan of Ibadan, Oba Isaac Akinyele under who the school was founded. He commended all other founding Principals, notable teachers and students especially those who have passed on and the hall roared when he mentioned a late Principal, Pastor Ayokunu Ogunranti and his Volkswagen Beetle with registration number WAR 72.


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