How I Survived Political Persecution in Nigeria by Oyamhendan Anthony

March 28 18:11 2020

By Albert Akota

It all started in 2013 when we formed a formidable force against the establishment of a political campaign group for then president of Nigeria, president Jonathan Goodluck and that of his minister who was from our own town Uromi, Esan North East local government of Edo state, Mike Onolemhenmhen.
The then Minister of works and Houses who seen us as a threat to his boss because it was election year in Nigeria was doing everything possible to chase the youths away from the state because various political parties have emerged to defeat his boss in the presidential elections in 2015.

The minister hired some political thugs against us and they succeeded in driving us out of the state before the election which Jonathan Goodluck later loss to the present president of Nigeria Mohammedu Buhari.

The minister and his boys were burning houses and our house burnt but spear my mother just because she belong to the then ruling party Peoples Democratic party (PDP) so first I went to Kano state Northern part of the country to live with my aunty who later called my mother to informed her I was staying with her in Kano state.
My mother who was afraid of my well being told my aunty what happened in my state and my local government, Esan North East of Edo state, she became more afraid and she told me that I am no longer safe and call my uncle in Niger republic.

After calling my uncle in Niger republic so I was opportune to cross the border before I will get killed by the minister’s thugs, I spent two years and some months in Niger republic doing farm work with Muslim brothers who happen to been supportive, when I told one of them about my predicament who was closed to me that I got involved in the political crises in Nigeria.
He sympathised with me and introduced me to his friend who lives in Libya that was how I was able to find my way to Italy now France.
The name of the formidable force is Umhenbeta Blessed Senatorial Campaign Group you can check to find out how we were carrying out our campaign activities in my community.

Our lovely home that was burnt by the thugs

Oyamhendan Anthony

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