Hawkers or Beggars Who Deserve Your Generosity?

January 31 11:46 2020

By Joy Igoche.

 "Smalie, how much be una plantain?" Mrs Bolanle asked.

“Auntie, one part 300 naira nai our mama shade am” the two young hawkers replied.
“You no go fit give me 2parts for 400 naira?” Mrs Bolanle asked again.
And the haggling of prices continued between them in the same formula until a consensus was reached.
This scenario above is very common in the Nigerian parlance today. In the daily hustle and bustle people engage themselves in the quest for livelihood and survival, it is only natural for one to bump into hawkers and beggars on the street who are also hustling for survival in their own fashion.
Where people seem to get things all jostled up is to blindly assume that the beggars on the street are in a more hopeless and helpless conditions than those hustlers hawking on the street.
It is true that one cannot negate the fact that there are true beggars on the street who are desolate and sincerely need generosity from people for their daily living. However, some “beggars” who are physically fit and healthy to work like every other person in the society, deliberately plunge into street begging as a means of exploiting people to amass wealth for themselves.
Some of this “so called beggars” in more recent times, now devise fake pathetic stories to tell to their prospects so as to elicit desirable response from them.
It is quite appalling to see that there is a wide spread of this dastardly act across the various states in the country.
On the other hand, we still find in the street, hawkers who are not sitting back on their laurels and seeking for cheap favours; but are out there hawking with an underlying consciousness at the peak of their minds that their daily bread depends on the proceeds from the sale of the goods they are able to sell.
Some of these hawkers risk their lives daily trying to sell their goods to travellers and commuters plying through very busy and major roads. The painful part in all of their endeavors, is that they are not really compensated for their efforts. Sometimes, people go away with their money or goods while others wickedly haggle prices with them.

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