Exclusive : NLO21: Match Fixing Scandal Rocks Calabar Center

March 15 13:19 2021

It was daylight robbery for Bussdor United FC in their match day five against Cofine FC at the Unical Stadium where the Nationwide League One season is ongoing, Calabar center.

The match which ended in fracas due to poor officiating saw players and spectators barking at one another. It was gathered that Bussdor United were denied several obvious chances in the game as the center referee Evan showed no sympathy to all the appeals Bussdor United FC made during the match.

Cofine FC won the match by two goals to one but everyone who graced the match was far from happy because of the ludicrous handling of the match.

Just immediately after the match , Bussdor United FC coach Emeka Okoronkwo revealed how Cofine Coach Remi Amadi called him to reach negotiations on how the match could be influenced. In a two minute audio clip – Cofine FC coach was clearly heard in Igbo language asking if there is a way Bussdor United will wave the match. However Bussdor United coach refused to compromise knowing the consequences attached.

It was however learnt that because Bussdor coach didn’t accept the deal, Cofine had to influence the center referee simply known Evans who blatantly made erroneous decisions in the match.

Here is the transcription of the discussions:

Cofine FC: Hello, Bussdor how are

Bussdor: Everything is fine.

Cofine FC: I’ve been calling you since but no response, so I had to go back to my hotel room.

Bussdor: Okay , no problem, hope everything is fine?

Cofine FC: It’s fine. Tomorrow’s match, how do we do it, is your team still coming?

Bussdor : We’ll come.

Cofine: How do we do it, is there a way we can strike a deal so that we (Cofine) can get ourselves. What do you think?

Bussdor: What kind of deal do you want us to strike?

Cofine: It’s Cofine , you people don’t have anything to compete for again.

Bussdor: Yes

Cofine: So that’s what I’m saying

Bussdor: There’s nothing to say – we’ll play the match and if we play it, who ever wins should progress

Cofine : Is that how you want it?

Bussdor : Because I am not a coach that will demand money from anyone. I don’t do that. Since I’ve been playing football, I don’t do that.

Cofine: I know very well. Don’t you know me? I am Remmy Amadi, we all played football together. We can work it out, we are all coaches, we can help each other. So how do we do it. Is there a way we can find something for you to influence the match. It’s a norm.

Bussdor : (Chuckles) There is nothing you can give me. What we can do is just to let the boys play. God has known who will win – even if you (Cofine) were awarded a penalty you may not score – that’s football for you. So if I should agree to collect something from you (Cofine) , my conscience will kill me, I don’t do like that. But come out and play tomorrow, if God says you (Cofine) will win , no one will stop it. Come out and play – anyhow it goes, we’ll thank God for it. After all, we’ve (Bussdor) lost four matches and didn’t kill ourselves.

Cofine: Okay no problem, we’ll come out tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the League clubs in the zone have called on the League management of the NLO to investigate this incident as it is capable of putting a dent on the image and credibility of the league.

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