Eriksen Incident:Humanity is Beautiful!

June 12 22:13 2021

I write on the spur of the moment.

Am watching the restart of the suspended EURO-2020-in-2021-game between DENMARK/FINLAND and am filled with goose pimples against the backdrop of the Eriksen incident.

I always knew that friendship, true love and brotherhood will help us over our limitations such as fear, ego, tribe, Creed, silly rivalry, race, petty jealousy to mention but a few.

The safety and welfare of any human-being anywhere, I repeat, anywhere in the world ought to be our biggest and collective desire for one another.

So for those who keep asking about the inspiration behind my Boxing abolition cause, this edition of TATA should be a pointer…this is the spirit that gave rise to the social tendencies and abolition campaigns against Boxing, the UFC and every dangerous sport.

I can’t stand watching helplessly, a suffering or in-distress, pain-filled fellow human…we must learn to show kind concern for one another’s preservation and progress. The ‘Good Samaritan’ parable is instructive.

Hence, being there for and covering for each other makes the tag of ‘higher animals’ quite apt and fitting for us.

The restart of the game is now on and only one who has smeared his or her conscience with hot iron will not acknowledge the joyful emotion over the good news of Christian Eriksen’s recovery and the response of the fans and even the opponents. They were already in tears over his fate but God heard ‘our’ prayers…what sights to behold in Copenhagen!

Call it mankind or humanity…it is indeed, beautiful. Let’s embrace it!

Tosin Akande Thinking Aloud…TATA 328

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