CAFCL: Maikaba Trails His Normal Ways: Blame Sunday Adetunji Returned Covid-19 Positive For Exit

December 07 03:40 2020

Plateau United Technical Adviser Abdul Maikaba who hardly accept responsibility whenever his team performance badly in a game, believed Plateau United was cheated in Tanzania, and bemoaned the purported medical reports that returned his striker Sunday Adetunji and others positive of Covid-19 for their exit in the preliminary round of the Champions League.

Abdul Maikaba as usual, accused Simba SC of Tanzania of poor sportsmanship, complicity in the medical reports that was responsible for his team’s early exit from the elite championship in Africa.

Plateau United held the hosts to a goalless draw in Dar-Es-Salaam but losing 1-0 in the first leg in Jos showed them the way of the tournament in the preliminary round.

Coach Abdul Maikaba who many have always accused of having an already made excuses whenever his team performed badly in a tournament, rated the performance of his boys high in the return leg match, but blamed the pranks played by Simba, outside the game for their exit.

Struggling to express his disappointment, Coach Maikaba said “It got to an extent where they tried to stop some of our players entry into their country. They kept wasting our time at the airport and they pinpoint two players, Sunday Adetunji and Abubakar Ibrahim because they performed well in Jos, they didn’t want them to be part of the game, including our goalkeeper,” Maikaba stated.

“When we arrived at our hotel, we met some medical officials who said we have to undergo COVID-19 tests. We got in late, needed to train for an hour which was the time they gave us to use the match venue, yet they were insisting we have the tests.

“We asked that they come back 30 minutes so we train but they refused and informed us they will return in 10 minutes but they didn’t return until 2 hours later. So, we left them and went on with our training. They eventually returned, did the tests and held on to it till we concluded our warm-up to the match.”

He further narrated that “Five minutes to kick-off, the match commissioner informed us that five of our players tested positive to COVID-19. The information shocked us, we knew it was their plan to frustrate and intimidate us. We told them we won’t play the match because the result is coming late.”

“Later, the match commissioner returned with a different list that had two players, Sunday Adetunji, Abubakar Ibrahim who were their main targets, our general manager, my chief coach and one other official,” Coach Maikaba told Channels Sports.

Sunday Adetunji joined Plateau United in September this year following his return to Nigeria after a short-lived spell at Czech Republic side FK Pribram B.

Plateau United’s Abubakar Ibrahim in the dressing room before the encounter.
Coach Maikaba described his move to the Jos-based team as fantastic and was banking on him to make a difference in Dar-es-salaam.

“Sunday Adetunji and the right-back, Abubakar Ibrahim were part of the starting eleven for the match, we had to replace them three minutes to the commencement of the game,” he added.

The coach noted that Adetunji’s absence was a huge blow to the ambition of his team.

“Right now we are at a different hospital, we want to do the test again with all those affected because 24 hours before we left Nigeria, the entire team tested negative to COVID-19. It is a shock to us that some became positive in Tanzania, less than 48 hours. If our verification

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