Akinkunle Bolarinwa Sues for Peaceful Co-existence in NBBF

October 14 19:45 2021

I have a part in the history of the Nigeria Basketball Federation either directly or indirectly and I am heartbroken seeing stakeholders stroking the furnace of fire that  is about consuming one of the greatest sport that has brought the nation honours.

I have been around with top administrators of the game, between Tijani Umar to Samuel Ahmedu and others but I never expected things to degenerate to this worrisome level.

Being one of the warriors that previously started the fight of recognition and support for my preferred administrator, I am now using this medium to call for peaceful co-existence among basketball stakeholders.

Over time I have expressed my concerns about the state of affairs within the NBBF even before the emergence of Tijani Umar and Musa Kida, apparently these two great men were not the architect of this current imbroglio, it was an inherited crisis that became an impediment.

Shameful of all, is the romping and blackmailing of the honourable minister of youth and sports into this NBBF brouhaha.

Honourable Sunday Dare has no part to play in this inherited NBBF crisis and he has never induced anybody to commit otherwise.

The serving minister of the federal republic of Nigeria spent time and resources to remedy the situation even before now but his distractors are fanning the embers of lies and war to distract him from doing what is best for our sports.

Though the minister is not worried about all these distractions
as he is pressed for a new dawn in our sports.

I am even awe struck by the level of enmity, hatred and disaffection ravaging the NBBF and it is worrisome and pathetic to say the least.

Man’s inhumanity to man has suddenly become highly pronounced and unhidden.

Assault, unwarranted harassment and other heinous acts are committed in broad daylight with complete disregard for the established basketball values.

The ethics of the game, which hitherto was held sacred, is now being treated with absolute disdain.

It has thus become important for urgent actions geared towards nipping this shameful act in the bud.

I won’t forget in a hurry the sacrifices made by likes of Colonel Sam Ahmedu, Ayo Bakare, Olumide Oyedeji and few others just to help the NBBF out of financial crisis, these are men who invested their time and hard earned money to keep the game going.

Many of you know my relationship with Tijani Umar and he is still a great leader that i served with passion, however I won’t rubbish my relationship with Col. Sam Ahmedu who gave me my first basketball knowledge at Dodan Warriors, Musa Kida I don’t really know and I have never met him officially but I will advice him and Tijani Umar to find a lasting solution to this wahala and let’s have one indivisible basketball family.

I have benefited from basketball and I have made numerous friends with few enemies.

I am begging everybody to stop this name calling and unnecessary
dragging if we truly want peace to abound.

I tactically stand-off from this crisis because of my official capacity and my affinity with many sports stakeholders but I am not the type that settle for jabs without fighting back, on this note I am pleading to basketball stakeholders, let there be peace.

Whatever peace can’t settle then crisis can’t solve it.

God bless us all.

My name is Akin Bolarinwa and I am the Apex Predator and the Viper

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