5 Most Poorly Managed Clubs in NPFL ….Number One Will Shock You

August 01 12:28 2020

Nigeria’s top flight league,NPFL has produced many top players for Nigeria national teams and other African countries with many going ahead to play for top teams in Europe.
However, some of the clubs that have produced these players have even gone ahead to play on the continent and even won CAF competitions despite all these achievements,and huge financial support from their respective state governments, the clubs are still being managed like amateur side or a glorified academy,
Www.exclusivenews.com.ng conducted an opinion poll on the management of some of these clubs with the regular followers of the league and came up with five most poorly managed clubs in NPFL putting into consideration some certain parameters: the amount of investment from state government, structure,club’s viability in attracting sponsorship,leverage on titles won and international recognition and day to day management of the club affairs.

Number 5:
FC Ifeanyi Ubah was founded in 2015 following the acquisition of Gabros international Football Club by Sen. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah. The Club was originally known as Iyayi Football Club of Benin City, before its acquisition by Chief Gabriel Chukwuma and later sold to Current owner.
The owner came on to scene with so much noise by the paparazi and everybody thought he is in football to make a change with investment in players,building a new stadium and partnership with West Ham football club but few years down the line,the club has become the laughing stock in the society,poor remuneration for players,abandonment of club’s project for a stint in politics.
The idea of making the club a model club fizzled out with the owner’s emergence as a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which shows that the interest has never been there but political dream has always been the bedrock on which the team was built,rather than progressing the club has been retrogressive in the last three years for a team that once represented the country in the CAF continental championship.
The owner has refused to work on improving the quality of facility at the stadium while venue for league matches is yet to be completed many years after renovation work started at the stadium
The camp being used by club does not befit a national league side not to talk of a premier league club.
The team does not have a club house house,no training pitches.
Player at times go a whole season without being paid
At a time the club was banned by FIFA from signing players because they failed to pay their players

No functional website or social media presence in the 21st century.
Succinctly put,Ifeanyi Ubah football club is a glorified amateur side playing in the NPFL
Number 4:
Kwara united popularly called the Afonja warriors later rechristened as Harmony boys.This club has the record of being the most relegated club in Nigeria and last season they were almost relegated until LMC came to their rescue with the cancellation of the league season and adopting a PPG to determine who represents the country in continental tournaments.
Kwara united have always enjoyed the support of the state govt not minding the government in power,in the second tier of Nigeria football league,NNL,they are refer to as the money bag but unfortunately that has not translated to anything meaningful in the NPFL.
Kwara united can rival Enyimba, Kano pillars in terms of spending power but can’t boast of 21st century club secretariat or a club house with state of the art equipment.
The venue being used as camp is a disgrace to Nigeria football.
Despite huge financial outlay and support from state govt,players and coaches are still being owned salaries compare to some clubs in Africa who own private jets or even use luxurious buses to move their players. kwara United still use a-24 seater bus to ferry their players around the country .
Just like other clubs among the five, no sponsorship or partnership with any transport company or airline which shows the team still rely on the state government for all their finances.
The current management has not shown that there will be a deviation from the past
Number 3:
River united, a surprise inclusion considering that the club is coming from a state that is refer to as the cash cow of the nation’s economy while the govt has not mince words or action when it comes to supporting the team but unfortunately, the club is still being run like an 18th century team.

Imagine hearing reports of players and coaches salaries not being paid regularly to the extent that a former player had to take them CAS to get his backlog of salaries.
The merging of dolphins and sharks to form Rivers united which was suppose to be a blessing has not really improve the situation of the club .
The club does not have a secretariat and or a functional club house.
Rivers united players are still seen in places that does not befit a premier league club
The club can’t afford to buy a luxurious bus to ferry their players across the country for league matches despite so much money being released by the state government.
No youth team or academy to nurture players and developed a style of football
Despite coming from an oil rich state,the club can only boast of one sponsor whose amount is shrouded in secrecy
No partnership with any transport company or airline
Lack of souvenirs or merchandise shop
The facility the club uses for their league matches is still being owned by the state govt while the club not been able to consistently generate revenue from gate takings.

Number 2: Kano Pillars football club popularly called ‘said maisugida’ was founded in 1990 and have won the league 4 times, 2007/08, 2011/12, 2013, 2014.
Runners-up 2009/10
Nigerian FA Cup
Winners (1): 2019.
Runners-up (2): 1991, 2018.
Nigerian Super Cup
Winners (1): 2007–08.
Runners-up (1): 2012.
The team was able to acquire club secretariat during the era of Ibrahim Galadima when he acted as the chairman of the CAF champions league committee set up by the state government to work in tandem with the chairman at that time.
The leftover of the fund from the team’s participation in the CAF champions league was used to buy a house as secretariat for the club but ever since there has not been any major achievement by the club despite being the only club in the state that plays in NPFL and also get huge support from the govt
The team still move around in 24 seater bus
No training pitches beside the main stadium where they play their matches
No proper camp in place for players
The club has had top seasoned administrators in the past and of present but nothing to show for it.
No facilities have be built by successive management to complement their main stadium.
Despite being in the commercial city ,the club has found it difficult to get sponsors or even partnership with any airline or transport company
No youth team or academy and still rely on the government for all their finances and very Poor presence on the social media space.

1.Enyimba :
Quite suprising that Enyimba, the peoples elephant could be on this table but the multiple league and two time CAF champions league winner have failed to live up to expectation despite living in the midst of plenty.
Enyimba have failed to leverage on winning the CAF champions league back to back while the team has failed to tie down a sponsor even when there has been stability at the management level.
Still unbelievable but Enyimba does not have a camp,the players still live at the stadium while the Aba township stadium still remains their training pitch and match day venue.
Enyimba can not boast of a merchandise shop or souvenirs of the club
Over one and half decade after winning the champions league,Enyimba does not a club secretariat or a club house while no notable deal has been signed with any transport company or airline.
Enyimba still travel by road for most of their away games using a 24- seater bus while a team of that magnitude is expected to travel in luxury.
The social media presence of Enyimba is very poor for a multiple league winner.

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